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WhoDat 10-15-2004 02:24 PM

SF - AB???
What do you think about this buddy?

"On Aaron Brooks- Quarterback:

Really good athlete, with a live arm and good mobility skills. Has become much more accurate throwing the ball in the pocket and he also does a nice job throwing the ball on the run, especially moving to his right. Has developed a nice touch on his short throws and he has really upgraded his accuracy skills. Sees the field better than he ever did, but he is still prone to try and make a play when there is none to be made. He is learning more and more that sometimes you just have to throw the ball away and fight another battle.

At times, as good as he can look, he just doesn't think clearly. He also doesn't seem to sense when a pass rush from his blind side is getting close. Has done a better job protecting the ball this season, but his fumble near the goalline in Arizona was his fault for not adjusting to the center's assignment. He has got to stay better focused because I think he has a tendency to daydream a bit.

Aaron is not a "take-charge" type guy and probably never will be. What I am getting from Saint players and some coaches is that he is not the most well-liked player on this team and that is not a good sign. A quarterback has to be well respected for him to be at his very best.

Brooks needs to really lay the hammer down on his teammates when mistakes happen. The good quarterbacks expect and demand total effort from their teammates. At times Brooks reminds me of a substitute teacher, who lets the class get away with a lot more nonsense than the regular teacher would. He Has the talent to be a top-10 quarterback, but his lack of leadership skills and his inconsistent nature puts him right square in the middle of the pack as for as quarterbacks are concerned. Has outstanding skills, but I question his football "savvy"."

saintfan 10-15-2004 02:28 PM

SF - AB???
About what ou think about this:

These numbers are all from ESPN.COM, so you guys can validate \'em if necessary. I thought I\'d take a look at two guys that have coached a team to the Superbowl and compare their numbers to Jim Haslett\'s over the first 4 years of their careers as a HC. Here\'s they they stack up. Judge for yourself. If I look at these numbers I come to the conclusion that Haz hasn\'t done so bad, but you be the judge. Grated, each coach has had different players to work with, and I guarantee Whodat\'s first comment will be that Haz has had the better players, but lets remember he\'s ALSO the guy (along with Gator and a few, select others) that doesn\'t think Haz has a clue in the draft room either. Anway...on to the numbers:

Parcells...first 4 years 83-86...he went 36-27 in 63 games...his career .pct is .582...In 16 years he\'s been in the playoffs 9 times and out 7, and in three of those 7 he was booted in the first round. In the first 4 yeras he was 5-2 in the playoffs.

Bilichick...first 4 years 91-94...he went 30-33 in 63 games...his career .pct is .521...In 9 years he\'s been in the playoffs 3 times and out 9. In his first 4 years he was 1-1 in the playoffs.

Haslett...first 4 years 00-03...he went 34-30 in 64 games...his career .pct is .531...In 4 years he\'s been in the playoffs 1 time and out 3. In his first 4 years he is 1-1 in the playoffs.

WhoDat 10-15-2004 03:06 PM

SF - AB???
Nice skirt... you wear that thing out on dates? LMAO.

saintfan 10-15-2004 03:09 PM

SF - AB???
No, but your Daddy does. ;)

WhoDat 10-15-2004 05:46 PM

SF - AB???
Nice. Think you might make any comments about the GM who said that AB 1) often doesn\'t think clearly/loses focus/day dreams, 2)doesn\'t sense the rush, 3) \"lack[s] leadership skills and his inconsistent nature puts him right square in the middle of the pack as for as quarterbacks are concerned.\"

Sounds like arguments some of us have made. Just wondering what you had to say on that. Football related. Can you say anything about that without claiming I have an agenda?

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