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WhoDat 10-24-2004 07:06 PM

Fair & Balanced= troubling news in Panther Town
Imagine AB\'s stats if Deuce, Stecker, Carter, Horn, Pathon, Gandy, Riley, and Holland were all hurt. That\'s basically what Jake is playing behind. There\'s no question that the Panthers won with defense and a good running attack. Take those away from any team and they won\'t be real successful. Take away two of the top WRs, three RBs, and add a slew of injuries to the line and any QB is gonna struggle.

Jake wasn\'t as good as advertised last year, but he played his role exactly as he was asked. He\'s not as bad this year as he is being made out to be. Anyone who thinks Jake is supposed to win games on his own doesn\'t understand the type of QB tha Jake is or what his role is in Carolina.

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