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Danno 11-20-2004 05:17 PM

Tony Dungy

I\'m glad that they are coming down on abc about it because if they get by with this, what will they do next time to push the envelope?
I forgot who said it but it rings trueout through history..

\"Whatever the current generation tolerates, the next will embrace\"

I too think they crossed the line. But it would be hypocritical on my part to simply stop with ABC. Watching Cartoon Network with my kids last month they had a commercial for \"Queer Eye\" come on.

While watching cartoons with my kids I have to deal with that?

Incremental immorarilty. Make a stand against it and you\'re labeled a prude or an un-enlightened hick. I feel a need to go to church.

spkb25 11-20-2004 05:54 PM

Tony Dungy
well i\'d hate to say this to you danno but people being gay is a fact of life. i wont argue with you over why they are gay but only that they are and it is a fact of life your just going to have to come to terms with. you have no right to choose what someone else will or will not be. just like they have no right to choose for you. im not saying that was your point. it is my point.
although i agree that nature lets us know what is natural and what is not in this case it doesnt make it wrong. some people in my opinion are born with defects. my brother kevin was born retarded and that is through no fault of his own. it is not natural to be born that way either. but he is still a wonderful person and he works full time every week. more then i can say for some but thats another argument. it is also something your child will have to deal with at some point in her life so hiding it from her isnt going to help prevent it. as far as going to church goes well christ i believe taught everyone to be more tolerant. i hope you dont mistake my post as attacking you because im not. your beliefs are your own and i wont be able to influence them one way or another. i just disagree with you. most of the people i have met that are gay are polite, respectful and successful. nothing wrong with embracing a person of such qualities.

spkb25 11-20-2004 06:04 PM

Tony Dungy
i apologize for not putting this in my last post danno but you spoke of going to church so this hit me. there are sevral stories about sex in the bible and one comes to me as what i think you would consider offensive. it is the story of lot being raped or tricked into intercourse with his two daughters. just wondering will you also ban the bible from your daughter?

Danno 11-20-2004 06:11 PM

Tony Dungy
I have a gay Aunt and I love her very much. I also have gay friends. I didn\'t say anything negative about gays other than I don\'t want the lifestyle celebrated in front of my 5 year old. There\'s a time to deal with that later, when she grows up.

Christ taught forgiveness. He never taught celebrating what is written as wrong. I will never ever have the nerve to condemn anyone for their lifestyle, but I certainly won\'t celebrate it. We ALL fall short in the eyes of God. Every single one of us, no exceptions. I was a VERY bad person in my youth and will have to answer for that one day, so I\'m not gonna throw stones at anyone. I think you misunderstood my comments but thats cool. I\'m often misunderstood.

Sex is natural fact of life also, do you think there should be Porno commercials on TV during childrens programs? They will have to deal with that also eventually.

Where do you draw the line? Its simply a question of where to draw the line. When people are involved, that line will vary day to day, generation to generation. I think ABC went a bit too far. But so do CBS, FOX, NBC, radio, movies etc.

Danno 11-20-2004 06:17 PM

Tony Dungy

it is the story of lot being raped or tricked into intercourse with his two daughters. just wondering will you also ban the bible from your daughter?
No, I won\'t read that to my daughter until I feel she\'s old enough to understand. There is a difference, Lott\'s daughters thought they were going to perish in the desert alone and wanted to bear children, and the only male they though they\'d ever see was their father. The event is not celebrated in the Bible. There is a difference.
But I\'m very close to being banned for my political temper so I think I\'ll just leave this one alone. Its all cool. I\'ve enjoyed our discussion.

spkb25 11-20-2004 06:18 PM

Tony Dungy
thats an excellent response danno. and i agree with you about what you said as far as all of us messing up in life. it was nice to hear after you mentioned church only because a lot of people i have come in contact with are quick to mention religion and find it to be their savior regardless of how they act in lfe. i was forced to go to church as a youngster and have nothing against it now. but i was glad to hear you say or glad to hear what you believe. very good come back post. i liked it.

JOESAM2002 11-20-2004 06:19 PM

Tony Dungy
This thread is getting away from football. Let\'s get back to the original subject shall we?

spkb25 11-20-2004 06:21 PM

Tony Dungy
well i also wont go into the lot story any more either. i think we have an understanding of where each was coming from but you in no way offended me and if not for the rules of the sight would not have had a problem with discussing this further. you are intelligent and made some good points.

saintswhodi 11-20-2004 08:00 PM

Tony Dungy
Firtst, great post Brooks Must Go.

Second, why is it that our overly moral society has one of the highest crime rates in the world, and continents like Europe, who have naked women in their NEWSPAPERS and naked ads on tv EVERYDAY don\'t seem to have the social problems we have in our country. Can someone explain that to me?

If you wanna watch football with your kids, eight o\'clock on a school night, aren\'t they subject to a broken leg or any other horrible injury they will replay 70 times when it happens, or scantily clad cheerleaders gyrating during every commercial break, or the 80 Levitra ads you have to watch? Give me a break. And forget if anyone is miked up. You get profanity all the time. People need to get off their high horse. It was a bare back. Let\'s all wash out eyes out with saline.

The problem is not with race as Dungy sees it. The problem is there are many Americans who don\'t want their kids to see interracial relationships cause their kids may think it\'s alright to bring home someone of another race, God forbid. A bare back alone can\'t be causing this much outcry.

IF you are offended by a bare back, your kids really shouldn\'t be watching anything after 8pm anyway cause just about any show you watch except Nickelodeon has some form of sex selling at that time. There are hardly any family shows left on tv. These people who are crying outrage are probably the same one who let their kids watch Survivor and Fear Factor. Get a grip people. It was a back. Get the hell over it. Or don\'t ever take your kids on vacation in Europe as your life will never be the same.

subguy 11-20-2004 08:44 PM

Tony Dungy
I can understand killing 2 ABC birds with one stone, which is what they promoted, 2 of their own shows. I have no problem with promoting capitalism. It really could have been done a different way and it was very suggestive. I feel that it should not have been shown. However, their advertisement has lasted much longer than 60 seconds. As you see we are still talking about it as is every paper, column etc..... So it does not mean I would boycott ABC, but the more it is discussed the more they achieved their goal. And nothing beats word of mouth advertising. As far as Dungy, I read his comments. I understand what he said but I dont understand how he could see it in that light. I am not American African, so maybe it is offensive to the race. But I didn\'t hear anyone else agree with Dungy. Nope dont see it as racially offensive. I guess caucasions could be equally offended.????????

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