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WhoDat 11-21-2004 04:52 PM

Tony Dungy
I agree with Whoodi - BMG continues to put together arguments that are just hard as hell to dispute.


GREAT generalization, WD.
Is it a generalization? Maybe. Name a TV show before 1965 that didn\'t portray a woman\'s role as in the house, that showed a successful minority, or that even hinted towards being gay. It\'s not a generalization when it accurately defines the vast majority of the group in question. However, the \"all gays were abused\" argument - now there\'s an argument with some backing. Most of the gay people you know? I\'ll ask you the same question... How many gay people go you know?


Whodat be honest, how many homosexuals do you know? One? Five? Ten?
Off the top of my head I can think of 23. I think there\'s more though. Does that qualify me as an \"expert\" to you Ice? Let me ask you a more pertinent question - where do you live?


Homosexuality is a choice, it\'s not by chance. Now forgive me if it seems that I am being general but all the homosexuals that I know have had bad situations in their lives. Abusive parents, absent parents, parents that ignored their children...
Well thanks for clearing that up. The Gay Yoda has spoken. You know being gay is a choice? Why, b/c you\'re not thus it must be? For some, I do not doubt there is choice involved. But for many gays that I know, it is all they\'ve ever know. Amazingly, very few of them got locked in cages as children so that abusive past theory kinda gets shot down huh? Oh, and on that abusive theory - inner city families tend to harbor the most abuse, drug use, crime, and are the most broken. Interestingly, homosexuality is far less common. Like to try another idea?

As for the hp argument, well your response doesn\'t make any sense. People like you complain when you see Queer Eye on TV. Those flamers. But then the guy with the artificial hip is OK b/c he tells you he has a fake hip? So it\'s OK to be gay if you tell people you\'re gay so long as it\'s not on TV? This is just a stupid argument. If your argument is that being gay is unnatural, then I guess you should give gays special treatment like other people with \"unnatural\" birth defects. If it is that it\'s a choice, then I guess they deserve tax dollars to help them just like the drug addicts and cancerous cigarette smokers, or liver failing drunks huh?

But I don\'t have to show that you\'re wrong. Society will prove that. Being gay will be as unconsequential in 20 years as being an inter-racial couple is now. After all, in the mid-80s that was the great fear against which the conservatives and \"religious right\" fought so hard, else the end of civilized society might ensue. LOL.

What\'s funny to me is that the \"religous right\" always looks to Jesus - isn\'t it interesting that he\'s probably the world\'s greatest LIBERAL? LMAO. Open your minds people - your way is your way, not the right way.

UK_WhoDat 11-21-2004 06:26 PM

Tony Dungy
What a thread! A lot of stuff is going down here.... so .......saintswhosi (11/20 19:00) and BMG (11/21 11:45) - gr8 posts.

Danno is right to decide how he wants to bring his daughter up - providing there is no physical or mental abuse. And I believe that Danno is a good Pa trying to be a good Pa. That\'s cool. Just like every parent should be.

But the real world is a \"funny\" place with many a surprise. What works for you; may not work me. What I like to see happen; may be your greatest fear. And ultimately that is what can make the world a really interesting place. Yes we are all different.

Notes on 2 subjects; Crime and homosexuality. I have little knowledge of either. But hey - since when did that stop anyone giving an opinion ;).

Crime. spkb25 correlates what is in the public eye or everyday practices with crimes committed. If, and I do not know, the UK has a higher crime rate - it probably is NOT due to the adverts on telly, and stuff like that. But what type of crime; and what statistics*. The Home Office figures imply a reduction of 36% in crime since 1995; 39% of the crime is theft and handling of stolen goods. It is a BIG story when there is violent crime and a STAGGERING BIG story if any firearm was involved. I guess it depends on the crime that most concerns you.

Homosexuality: I do not know how these relationships come about, but I know many people in one sex partnerships. Some are very good friends - fine people who respect other people\'s rights and space - and geninely care about the welfare of others. I would not want it any other way; thanks.

* statistics - use and abuse thereof. Saints offence and Brroks had great games today. Because Saints offence was more than the Broncos. Brooks could have the most passing yards today. Go figure...........

iceshack149 11-22-2004 06:51 PM

Tony Dungy
Who, I\'ve seen you argue this point through about four or five pages of posts so I\'ll make one more post about this and move on. I don\'t have the time to argue on and on about something that won\'t change either of our minds. You can say that you won the argument and even have the closing arguments if you want.

First off, you do gerneralize quite a bit. I know more about myself now that you\'ve told me how I think- being the \"gay yoda\" and all.


People like you

Those flamers.
And I\'m having a hard time understanding what all this has to do with a fake hip. Do you have a prejudice with people with bum hips? And honestly, if people with hip replacements were all over television begging for acceptance I\'d be tired of them also.


If your argument is that being gay is unnatural, then I guess you should give gays special treatment like other people with \"unnatural\" birth defects.
Now this is the \"choice\" or \"chance\" argument. (Is that what you\'re getting at with the hip thing?) Plain and simple, I say choice you say chance.


If it is that it\'s a choice, then I guess they deserve tax dollars to help them just like the drug addicts and cancerous cigarette smokers, or liver failing drunks huh?
What do they need tax dollars for? Does an a-hole need tax dollars for being an a-hole? The addicts that you mentioned may need medical help for bad decisions. Are you saying that the bad decisions that a homosexual makes may lead to a disease that needs medical treatment? Alot of people make poor decisions when sex is involved, homosexual or otherwise. If there are programs to help people with a disease then I have no problem with taxpayer money going to it. I don\'t want anyone to suffer regardless of their beliefs. But a homosexual doesn\'t need special treatment because he choses to be \"gay\".


Open your minds people - your way is your way, not the right way.
Here\'s the great hypocracy. If I don\'t believe what you believe, I\'m closed-minded. Quite a contradiction. Another tired generalization.


BlackandBlue 11-23-2004 06:20 PM

Tony Dungy

The Gay Yoda has spoken
Wha? Pak is back? :P

mutineer10 11-24-2004 10:14 PM

Tony Dungy
Jeff Garcia is bald, and has big ears...

Not green though...

ScottyRo 11-26-2004 04:04 PM

Tony Dungy
WhoDat, sorry to not respond in a prompt manner. I\'ve been busy out publically disapproving of homosexuality. It\'s a hard job, but somebody has to have some moral courage.

As for your post of 21/11/2004 at 00:21...

I didn\'t say it takes a liberal mind to be guilty of such. I said the liberal media has an agenda to promote the idea that homosexuality is ok. I want to be able to choose for my children what they should believe until they are old enough to do so for themselves. I get the sense that rather than simply exposing me and my family to homosexuality there are those in control of television programming that are out to convert my children\'s belief\'s. I am also against the trend of television portraying teenage sex as an ok thing to be involved in. Does that too mean I want to go back to the world of the 1950\'s?

The thing about shows like QE is that they aren\'t saying \"here\'s a fashion show and we happend to be gay\". They are instead saying \"we\'re GAY so watch our fashion show because we\'re GAY.\" There\'s a philosophical difference here and I find the latter unappealing.

Lastly, I\'m not offended, but confused as to why my belief that homosexuaity is wrong somehow makes me unwise. I get this even when the tone of my post was about tolerance of homosexuality. I don\'t want homosexuals hauled out of their homes and shot for their acts. I just want the stream of \"being gay is ok\" from my tv to end.

I\'m going to assume from your tone that you believe that being gay is not a choice, but is simply being born differently than others. Therefore, you must see it as being akin to being born with a birth defect such a blindness. I can buy that. It is one or the other. Thus, you must be in favor of surgically or chemically correcting this degeneration since you wouldn\'t have someone who is blind to remain that way if a treatment were available. I bet your 20 something gay friends would be happy to see that you view them that way.

I say it\'s choice and the fact that your friends say that it wasn\'t a choice for them doesn\'t mean that it wasn\'t. Maybe they are just looking for an excuse to jusitify their rebellion against society. We all tend to justify our actions in this manner even when we\'re wrong so I can perceive that this could be more true than you or they might be willing to admit.

johnnythesaint 12-15-2004 01:42 PM

Tony Dungy

I had consigned you to the scrap heap, based largely on some of your earlier posts on Brooks. However you have more than redeemed yourself :yourock:

I will continue to disagree with some of your thoughts on the Saints. However I feel that your wider view of the world shows genuine insight.

The burning question remains................

Why does the media tolerate, and even endorse, the delusional hypocrisy that the NFL spouts?

The product is great, but why oh why does this double standard not get broken down. Why does such vacuous altruism hold true, unless a society allows it????

There is a lack of accountability for all things truly high up on the ladder. Pity the unemployed fool who steals to feed his family, his justice will be swift and silent.
But if you are at the top of the food chain.............

Bottom line, the NFL will continue to wave whatever flag it wants, as long as it dominates market share the way it does.
Remember the GOLDEN rule:

\" He who has the gold makes all the rules\"

mutineer10 12-17-2004 08:55 PM

Tony Dungy

Taxing the hell out of porn is probably in the mail, but that won\'t stop people from buying it. Alcohol and cigarettes are already taxed to hell and back, but folks (myself included) just go on smokin\' and drinkin\'. The old \"Sin Tax\" is making a killing for alot of politicians, but it\'s not stopping people from \"sinning.\"

I resent it all. Sure, maybe I\'m killing myself with alcohol and cigs, but you\'re killing yourself with that Big Mac and supersize fries and cola, too. Frankly, I hate the government and society\'s compulsion to regulate morality, but there ain\'t nothing I can do about it.

I don\'t want full-frontal nudity in front of anyone\'s kids at 7 PM, but I want the right to see a little full-frontal (and much more) in the privacy of my own home. I also want the right to have a smoke and a beer at my leisure, so long as I don\'t do so in a place deemed \"improper.\" Until these debaucheries are labelled illegal by our friendly elected officials, don\'t punish me because my \"morality\" differs from your own.

Porn remains (solidly) the most popular thing on the internet, do we have some hypocrites in the audience???

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