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ScottyRo 11-19-2004 09:59 PM

Tony Dungy
I hope this isn't too political to get me banned, but it is football related.

I was really just wondering if anyone else thought Tony Dungy should apologize for his comments on the TO/MNF thing. He claimed that it was "racially" offensive and I just don't see that.

I mean, I can see how someone might have found it to be too provacative and tasteless. I also can see how one might find it to be stereotyping NFL players as a whole. But to suggest it was somehow stereotyping blacks...that's absurd.

Then when he goes to justify his inane comment, he names two white HCs that would not have appeared in such a skit. What he fails to note is that NO HC appeared in the skit. My opinion is that there were plenty of white players on the Eagles team that would have appeared in it if asked, but they wanted someone controversial.

I just think it's pathetic when a person has to find racism or prejudice in EVERYTHING when it somehow relates to a minority and is controversial. Anyway, that's my rant and Dungy should apologize for HIS racism in this area and stick to coaching football.

shadowdrinker_x 11-20-2004 01:47 AM

Tony Dungy
i can tell you one thing...i am sick of hearing the nfl\'s excuses when these sort of things happen...two years in a row has come into play during a football game...after last years wardrobe \'\'malfunction\'\'..yeah right...the nfl was supposed to make sure there was a 8 second delay i believe...on all nationally televised games...and i have a little girl..and sometimes she watches football with me..i never thought i would see the day the nfl should be considered a \'\'R\'\' rated television\'s disgusting what they\'ll do for money..they know exactly what will air..they have to review it..and approve it..especially a commercial with an nfl player...during a monday night game...luckily i was away from the tv when it aired...but..i will not allow it to be aired in my home ,should it happen child\'s innocence is too precious to let the nfl strip it away..for a buck

WhoDat 11-20-2004 09:43 AM

Tony Dungy
What\'s disgusting to me is that when a woman drops her towel in some horrible made-for-TV movie on Oxygen, there\'s no problem. When you see a woman\'s bare back on MNF, it\'s a freaking outrage. Give me a break. The TWINS (coors light I think) commercials are more offensive than that piece was. People complain about EVERYTHING now... I know, I\'m one of \'em. ;) Really though, this whole thing is blown completely out of proportion.

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mutineer10 11-20-2004 12:55 PM

Tony Dungy
I don\'t have kids, but I can sympathize with SDX that folks who want to watch MNF with their children probably shouldn\'t have to worry about anything more racy than reading an angry coach or players lips on the sidelines (and the Coors Light commercials). I didn\'t have a personal problem with the skit, but I can agree maybe MNF wasn\'t the place for it.

As for those who\'ve made it a racial issue, I really don\'t see it. The NFL is no more a place for Dungy to give his opinions on race than it was for the skit in question. I wonder would Dungy have said anything if it had been Tom Brady and Beyonce instead of T.O. and Nicholette Sheridan? Maybe so. Just seems to me that interracial coupling is nothing new, and it\'s fine if people don\'t agree with it, but I don\'t see why those people can\'t keep it to themselves.

spkb25 11-20-2004 01:36 PM

Tony Dungy
you know what to anyone that was offended grow up. dont you even remember being a young child around 10 or 11. hate to bear this news to you but ur children are thining about sex if they r lets say 10-14 for a boy 12-16 for a girl. they r not innocent and especially not as much as u may think. there is a huge reason porn sels in this country to the tune of hundreds of billions dollars per year. and for women believe me ur hubby is walking around dreaming about all the nice loooking younger women he works with and sees. thats a fact of life. we can stand here and lie to each other if u prefer but im telling u the way men r. as far as ur children they have probally at an early age lets say 1 or 2 already heard cursing from the parents or other family members. if they havent just wait till they get to school. oh they may be sweet when they r home playing ol mommy and daddy like a fiddle then they get out and boy wouldnt u like to hear their mouths then. the only reason i know this is because oh wait i was a child once. your child see some boobies or some arse isnt going to kill them. why not make sure they arent out lookinh to kill some people. might be a little more inportant then the ol . matter of fact as a man i can honestly say if i was quite mad and wanted to kill someone but a nice piece of the ol showed up i think that whoever i wanted to kill would have to wait. parents are ridiculous with how they want to protect their kids and then forget what they were like as children. u know the women were out at 14 maybe 16 someones n the frigan dads act like they dont know what a women was when they were young. i never would have tryed that at my age. yeah ok bro. you would still like to try it but your probally to old.

now to moree important things. tony dungy the hell up. you were offended that a black man was seen with a white women. dude look around its happening all over the country and its even happening with white mena and black women. probally why i was able to marry my wife who is black. it is in no way damaging to black men that t.o. was sen with a naked white women. god almighy lets get over it already in this country.
somone pour me a drink

You know better.

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AJB4AIR 11-20-2004 01:47 PM

Tony Dungy
I saw the monday night skit, what is the big deal, I have seen worse. What gets me is when a TV station is afraid to show private ryan on veterans day because they are afraid of the big bad FCC. I am in Iraq fighting for freedom, while everyday our freedom is being taken away by the govt. and the FCC. I don\'t like to be political, but I am getting fed up with the FCC. enough of that.


spkb25 11-20-2004 01:47 PM

Tony Dungy
i apologize that some of my words and thoughts were incoherent in my reply above, but i was writing rather quickly and did not go back to read over my post before posting it. hopefully you get the gist of it.

BrooksMustGo 11-20-2004 02:05 PM

Tony Dungy

Seems like a tempest in a tea kettle, much ado about nothing, a mountain out of a molehill and a stupid race to see who can make their \"statement of outrage\" first.

More than anything it seems to indicate that as a culture we are losing any sense of humor at all.

From a business perspective, the networks should be able to promo their other programing. Fox in any form wouldn\'t be around today if the NFL weren\'t there to allow them to plug shows like, \"Married with Children\", \"The Simpsons\" and \"King of the Hill\". If the NFL wants to decry this practice, then let them start the NFL network and see if \"Seasame Street\" wants to buy commercial time.

As for the whole \"children shouldn\'t see that sort of thing arguement\". I fail to get it. Where\'s the outrage over ESPN plugging \"Playmakers\"? Where\'s the outrage over the Miller lite commercials, or Pepsi\'s Cindy Crawford commercials from back in the day? Where\'s the outrage over the content of the average soap opera that millions of toddlers are exposed to every day?

If the NFL wants to be a wholesome family program and make shielding children the top priority, then maybe Randy Moss should be banned from the sport after running over a cop? Or maybe David Boston should be banned from the sport after being caught with weed and cocaine? Or maybe Brett Favre should be banned from the sport after abuse of perscription drugs? Or maybe Joe Horn should be banned from the sport for miming a machine gun after a TD? Or maybe Joey Porter and William Green should be banned for mixing it up before the game? Or maybe Ray Lewis should be banned from the sport for killing a guy?

The NFL might want to try and sell its commercial space for Barney videos, Seasame Street and legos. The NFL needs to climb off it\'s high horse and just admit, \"Hey it\'s a violent sport, people get hurt, our players aren\'t all people you\'d want to live next door to and we are going to help a lot of people sell beer.\" Aside from that people need to get a clue and realize that the target demographic for MNF is men between 18-50. The NFL is engaging in stunning hypocrisy here. It\'s OK when the money is rolling in, but suddenly not OK when the FCC is going to start levying fines.

As for Tony Dungy, classy guy, but making no sense at all. TO was in the promo because he\'s the most popular member of the team right now. The only guys on the Eagles you can promo with are Donovan or TO. It\'s not about race it\'s about trying to be clever and plugging other ABC programming. It\'s ridiculous to charge top dollar for the \"privilege\" of airing the NFL\'s product to millions and then forbid the network to attempt to promote it\'s programming and sell more commercial time. But the other part that\'s so stupid is that a woman in a towel has caused this uproar. If ABC had chosen to promo Jennifer Garner beating the crap out of TO to plug \"Alias\", that would be totatlly OK, because evidently a show where people get killed is more wholesome that a show where hot women parade around in towels.

The NFL can\'t have it both ways. The fact is that MNF hasn\'t been a ratings winner for years and the league still wants top dollar for it. But I\'ll bet anything that the ratings are up this week, at least for the first quarter.

spkb25 11-20-2004 02:39 PM

Tony Dungy
good post really good post brooks must go

iceshack149 11-20-2004 03:57 PM

Tony Dungy

I just think it\'s pathetic when a person has to find racism or prejudice in EVERYTHING when it somehow relates to a minority and is controversial. Anyway, that\'s my rant and Dungy should apologize for HIS racism in this area and stick to coaching football.
Great post ScottyRo.
I think Dungy is a good coach and is right to be upset but he didn\'t need to make this a racial issue.
Terrell Owens is controvercial. Obviously. So to say that this commercial is racist is like saying that everyone who disagrees with his touchdown celebrations are racists also. Dungy\'s trying too hard and has lost a bit of his \"classy\" status in my mind.


Where\'s the outrage over the content of the average soap opera that millions of toddlers are exposed to every day?
Children are watching these shows with parents that don\'t care what the child sees. As a parent, I try to prevent my child from seeing too much junk on t.v. (that is proving to be a very hard job) and NFL games are one of the times I thought to be safe to watch t.v. with her.
I have no problem with the NFL making a stink about this promo. I already knew that the show was junk and I\'d seen some pretty shameless commercials prior to the Monday night skit. I\'m glad that they are coming down on abc about it because if they get by with this, what will they do next time to push the envelope?

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