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BlackandBlue 11-19-2004 11:05 PM

A-Hole of the week 11/19

You deserve everything that you're about to receive...or...not receive, depending on all the lawsuits and fines you're about to be hit with.
And I'll also note that, the NBA and the fan that started the whole thing are just as guilty. There was no security anywhere around the guy that threw the beer, and they had ample time to reach him before Artest did. And as fans, you have a responsibility to act like human beings, and not 'f' it up for the rest of us. Because people are already pointing the finger to alcohol.
But you still don't escalate the problem by jumping up into the stands, you'll only make things worse.

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mutineer10 11-20-2004 03:30 AM

A-Hole of the week 11/19
I pay very little (if any) attention to the NBA, but isn\'t this the same guy who wanted time off because he was tired from working on some album he was producing? If not, nevermind, but if so it\'s tough to argue with him as \"A-hole of the week\" after the crowd-bashing episode.

I was reading an article where some rap star, can\'t remember who, was talking about \"all the rappers want to be ballers, and all the ballers want to be rappers.\" I\'ve got no problem with anyone making it big however they can, or doing both, but don\'t shirk one multi-million dollar job because another is wearing you out.

shadowdrinker_x 11-22-2004 06:01 AM

A-Hole of the week 11/19
ron artest just benifited from what in my opinion is a very generous suspension...he should be banned for life from ever playing in the nba...he is a coward...when ben wallace pushed him..he did not retaliate in any form..he say a weaker indivdual in the stands..and he attacked...he was fully aware of what he was doing..and where he was..he is getting paid millions of dollars to play the game..he is payed by the fans ultimatley...and this i think is far from bieng over...i hope he is left in the gutter when it\'s all over...he obviously cannot handle the public spotlight..and should prompltly be removed..what will he do next for attention?..bring a knife?..a gun?...would you want to go watch a game with this fan jumping lunatic?..would you let your kids go to a game where he played?..he does not deserve to be in the game...if he can\'t act like a pro..i admit..i do not like getting a cup thrown at was just a plastic got paid 8 million this year..and the worst thing that happens is you get a cup thrown at you?..where can i sign up?..

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