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Saint_LB 02-11-2005 06:15 AM

Canseco on McGwire
Do you believe him? I do. I belileve that there are many others, and everybody has really suspected that steroid use has been going on for years, now, but took the attitude that what you don't know can't hurt you, including the media. MLB certainly seemed happy with they way balls were flying out of the park and fans were flocking to the parks to watch them fly. The thing that bothers me is that there seems to be an attitude with McGwire like, "say it ain't so", but when it comes to Bonds, it seems that people take delight in the fact that he was exposed. How do you account for that difference in attitude between the two. Is it a race thing, or is Barry just one of those players that people just love to hate?

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[Edited on 11/2/2005 by Saint_LB]

papz 02-11-2005 03:23 PM

Canseco on McGwire
I also believe him. His image has already been tarnished and has nothing to lose and everything to gain by telling the truth in his book. If he is falsely accusing McGwire, doesn\'t he have the right to sue? I\'m pretty sure if they do a drug test on a hair sample of McGwire\'s, I bet the results would say he has. Have you noticed Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Giambi, etc.. all have had some sort of back problem or ailment. Coincidence? I think not. I laugh at Bonds lame excuse saying he thought those products were some kind of ointment for his muscles. What a joke. Canseco said he personally shot up McGwire... and they were bash brothers together in Oakland. I\'m pretty sure since they were great friends they shared everything... including steriods. Dave Steward even said that Canseco isn\'t a liar although he wouldn\'t confirm Canseco\'s stories. GUILTY!

Saint_LB 02-11-2005 04:30 PM

Canseco on McGwire
To me, pap, it is really no great surprise. I mean, all you have to do is look at those guys before and after and you know that something was going on. Look at Bonds when he was a rookie compared to now, Sosa, even McGwire. Canseco himself was only 170 lbs. coming out of high school. I really don\'t understand firstly why everyone is acting so suprised, and secondly why they are making such a big story out of it now, when they probably knew it was going on all along. Also, you know that if those guys at the top were doing it, then those trying to compete with them had to feel like they had to be doing it also just to keep up.

I happened to catch an interview today on the radio where Dan Patrick was interviewing Cashman, the GM of the Yankees. Apparently there is a story that Giambi had the Yanks remove wording from his contract regarding steroid usage and guaranteed money when they first signed him. If this is true, then that\'s almost like the Yankees admitting that they have been aware of his usage since the beginning of his time in New York. Patrick couldn\'t get Cashmen to state that they did remove something from his contract, but he wouldn\'t deny it, either. He basically was tapdancing through the whole interview.

It seems that everyone was content with Barry and Sheffield stating that they knew they were getting something, but just didn\'t know what it was. The fact that MLB is willing to accept that, and, the fact that they havn\'t yet started testing for steroids, kinda makes me think that they have all along been willing to take a position of \"see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.\" Since they didn\'t have a policy of testing, I don\'t see how they can punish anyone who has recently been exposed, anyway.

I still am puzzled, however, why people view McGwire\'s usage in such a different way as Bonds\'. Do you have any opinions regarding this, pap?

papz 02-11-2005 06:11 PM

Canseco on McGwire
I think it\'s because Bonds is trying to break Aaron\'s homerun record. McGwire stopped beforehand and remember Hank Aaron himself spoke out about how it\'s unfair that Bonds is about to break his record while using steriods. If I were Bonds, I would retire and not break that record. Although he will accomplish something that probably no one will ever come close to again, his name has and will always be associated with steriods. Therefore no one will ever respect the numbers he put up after his career is over. One think I\'m puzzled about is before Bonds started using steriods, he won about 3 MVP awards. He was a 40-40 guy or 40-30 guy (homers and steals) every single year. So why start using roids? Just plain stupid to me.

I have both Sosa\'s and Bonds\' rookie cards. Goodness if I could show them to you it would be like comparing toothpicks to cows. Sosa looks like the freaking Terminator now. If he was white he could become a running mate of Arnold\'s to be governor of California. :)

Saint_LB 02-14-2005 02:06 PM

Canseco on McGwire
This is a test in an area that nobody probably will look!!

spkb25 02-14-2005 07:44 PM

Canseco on McGwire
theres no doubt he\'s telling the truth. is he exaggerating probally. but the point is this has been going on for some time. i think that bonds first and foremost shoud be put out of the record books. then equal to him is mcquire. they both havent broke anything as far as a record. ruth, may and arron are true champions. well and lets not forget the greatest hitter of all time williams

SaintPez 05-27-2005 06:01 PM

What's the big deal? Are they going to put an asterisk by their names? NOOOOO.
Until they piss one of them and it comes back dirty...Then in our country of Innocent until proven Guilty holds.
Congress needs to concentrate on something a bit more pressing. Homeless families, Soldiers widows needing financial support maybe even spend some of that "stadium authority fund" on generating jobs , since the stadiums are ALREADY BUILT haha <in baltimore> and yes, they still sell scratch offs making build those already built stadiums.
I know I'm rambling a bit, but I'm just trying to make a point to let those companies <NFL, NBA, MLB, and ...well I suppose they will play Hockey again one day> Govern themselves. I know they arent doing a great job right now, but I'm pretty darn sure it wont take a LITTERAL act of congress to make them do a better job.

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