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D_it_up 02-11-2003 06:07 PM

MLB 2003
Just checking to see if there were any baseball fans in here. I'm a die-hard Cubs fan. Sad, isn't it? I must have this obsession with losing franchises....Cubs and Saints. Anyways, I was just wondering who everyone's favorite team is and they're pre-season prediction on the playoffs. Mine are listed as follows:

AL East Champs: New York Yankees (unfortunately)
AL Central Champs: Chicago White Sox (i think the Twins can't pull it off again)
AL West Champs: Oakland A's (that pitching staff dominates)
AL Wild Card: Boston Red Sox (just squeezing by Seattle, Minnesota, and Anaheim)

NL East Champs: Atlanta Braves (just too tough i think)
NL Central Champs: Chicago Cubs (that young pitching staff and Dusty Baker carry that team over the top: this team is going to surprise many)
NL West Champs: Arizona Diamondbacks (only if Johnson and Schilling get some help)
NL Wild Card: Houston Astros (good pitching staff and line-up)

AL Champs: Oakland A's (Oakland makes the dance this year)
NL Champs: Houston Astros (Go in as a wild-card, but make it to the WS)

World Series Champs: Oakland A's (This year they won't choke)

Of course, this is all just IMO!

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