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saintswhodi 06-03-2005 04:04 PM

NBA playoffs
Does anyone think the Eastern conference teams have a chance to beat my team the Spurs? It doesn't look like it right now. Anyone a pistons or Heat fan?

papz 06-06-2005 09:46 AM

RE: NBA playoffs
I hope Wade plays tonight... if he does, Miami > Detroit. I don't think Detroit will be able to come in and take game 7 in Miami. Spurs vs. Heat.

saintswhodi 06-06-2005 10:11 AM

I want Spurs Pistons cause I want us to beat the champs. That would be a fitting end to the season. Nothing wrong with beating Miami, but I don't think they are the challenge Detroit would be.

BooBirdSaint 06-06-2005 02:04 PM

Pistons should prevail tonight. I think that the Pistons would give SA a good run for the money. Hard to tell about if they were to meet in the finals. They split home and home in the regular season. Both games were close (single digits). Would have to give the nod to SA right now as the Pistons are lifeless. Of course SA split with Miami during the regular season. Biggest tail was that both wins (Pistions and Miami) came early in the season for SA. Timmy and SA could not get it done late season against any East team...

saintswhodi 06-06-2005 02:33 PM

Timmy and SA could not get it done late season against any East team...

Maybe that's cause, oh I don't know, Timmy was hurt in the first quarter of that second Pistons game and missed two months? That might have a little something to do with it. Just a thought. Hell, he was still gimpy first game of the Denver series, and they lost. AND without Duncan for 3 and 1/2 quarters against the Pistons, the Pistons still barely beat them. The Spurs have gotten it done against everyone they have faced, why do people think beating them without Tim is some sort of amazing accomplishment? did they not dispatch the team with the best record in the league 4-1?

BooBirdSaint 06-07-2005 07:42 AM

Oh thats a good point... Timmy is as delicate as a flower and bumping and grinding against the Pistions is gonna be a lot different then just running up and down court with the fun and gun Suns (we wont see any 100+ point games in this series). I don't doubt that SA has a very good team but its the finals but they are playing the defending champs. And it will get physical! SA is gonna need steller play from Parker and Genobili (both played well against the Suns) cause Timmy is gonna have his hands full of the Wallace Bros in the low post. This series is gona be like watching the SA mayoral election or a train wreck in slow motion. Painful. I say SA in 7 unless Timmy gets a migraine then Pistons in 6.

saintswhodi 06-07-2005 08:55 AM

Hhhmmm, so basically you are saying a two time league MVP and two time finals MVP is soft? Yikes. Did you see his ankle injury when Rasheed undercut him? I guarantee if someone did that to you right now, you wouldn't be walking for at least 4 months. It completely rolled. Give me a break. Don't hate cause the best player in the game is still better than any Piston with two gimpy ankles. If it takes more than 6 games for the Spurs to dispatch the Pistons, I would be shocked.

You also seem not to know that after a deep playoff run last year Tim played in a little compilation of basketball teams called the Olympics. so he had zero rest in the offseason while other low patriotism chumps were sitting at home saying no and resting from the season. Yeah, he is delicate. Stop hating.

BooBirdSaint 06-07-2005 01:58 PM

:roll: Yeh No doubt Timmy's got some hardware (MVP, bla, bla, bla) but I ask why he has not had more er... post season success? Only two championships for such an NBA "MVP"? Oh I see he played on the worst Olympic pro team in our nations history so he was too tired to er... win... Boo hoo. He and his talented mates sure handled the Olympic powerhouse that is Puerto Rico (among others)... Duncan is very talented (guess thats relative in international play) but not dominating. He will have his hands full of the two time defensive player of the year. It will be a good series and if the Spurs win it will be becaue Parker can penetrate and Giniboili can make his jumpers and not on Timmys 20 ppg back...

Don't call it hate'n call it reality...

saintswhodi 06-07-2005 02:29 PM

It's obviously hating. Duncan not dominating? WTF? He has been called the best player on the planet, and one of the best PFs OF ALL TIME, already in his career. Seriously, this kind of open hating does not lead to good discussions cause of it's obviously biased nature. Do you think KG is dominating? How many rings does he have? NONE. Surely you consider Shaq dominating. He only has one more ring than Duncan(which Duncan will correct shortly). How many rings the two time defensive player have? 1. And that will be all. Are you gonna say having two defensive MVPs is somehow as important as having two LEAGUE and FINALS MVPs? Yikes. Why don't you check NBA first team all defense for the last 7, 8 years and see whose name is ALWAYS on there, year in and year out. An under 50% shooting, no dribbling, no post up game, Dennis Rodman for the new generation can't see Duncan. Please. And Duncan was beating Rasheed up since he was with Portland. Give me a break. Duncan not dominating? What a joke. That's why the Coach of the Year just called him the best player on the planet, cause you usually give those kind of compliments to players who aren't dominating and soft. Unreal.

BooBirdSaint 06-08-2005 07:42 AM

If I'm hating then your buggin dude... Here it comes as I knew it would... "He has been called the best player on the planet, and one of the best PFs OF ALL TIME, already in his career." :shock: You gotta read more then the local paper whodi. Bla Bla Bla he said what means nada. You want Timmy to get some respect outside of SA then let him dominate the NBA Finals 3 times or more in a row! Showing up every other year or making some lame excuse like:
"so he had zero rest in the offseason while other low patriotism chumps were sitting at home saying no and resting from the season." Thats just weak... Jordan never complained about being "tired" after winning the Olympics and NBA Finals... Now he was a dominator. You want to call Timmy the greatest player in the NBA or a dominator then let him have a little more consistency in his "All Star" performances. Oh and certainly never said that KG or anyone else you named were dominators... Guess we'll just see how big Timmy can get starting Thursday. :wink: [/quote]

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