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Tobias-Reiper 08-03-2005 03:19 PM

Geek joke
So this guy goes to a pet store in Silicon Valley and he needs to get a monkey. He goes up to the sales rep. and asks if he could have a look at their monkeys. So the rep. takes him over to these three cages, goes over to the first one, and inside is a little light brown monkey hopping around making monkey noises.

So the guy goes, "How much is it for this monkey?", to which the rep. replies, $1000. He questions the rep as to why it's so much and the rep. says that this particular monkey is capable of programming in Perl.

Guy moves on to the next cage, similar monkey to the first one, "How much for this monkey?". "That's 2000 dollars, because this monkey can program in Perl, and C++."

The guy decides that this is just way too steep, moves on to the third cage to see if he has any luck over there. Once again, similar monkey, but this time when asked the price, it's $10,000. "Well what can this monkey do?". And the rep. replies, "You know, I haven't seen it do anything but it claims to be a consultant."

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