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bayouking318 09-07-2005 11:37 PM

Barbara Bush
This is perfect example how G Bush was raised & beliefs

While touring the Houston Astrodome, where thousands of Hurricane Katrina refugees have been huddling, Barbara Bush said they didn't have it so bad because, heck, they were poor to begin with.

Saint_LB 09-08-2005 04:21 PM

My heart goes out to all the victims of Katrina both in NO and the Miss. Gulf Coast. The one thing that I can't help remembering, however, is that Bush carried both Mississippi and Louisiana in our last presidential election. I wonder if the election took place today if he would still carry both of those states.

saintsfan1313 09-08-2005 06:39 PM

I dont think Bush created the hurricane guys.......

Euphoria 09-09-2005 02:21 AM

no it was the Govenor

mjf150 09-09-2005 07:27 AM

No, Nagin created the hurricane. The governor showed it how to get here.
I mean, come on, see how silly that sounds. Now is not the time for blame.

Saint_LB 09-09-2005 08:45 AM


Originally Posted by saintsfan1313
I dont think Bush created the hurricane guys.......

No, and nobody ever said he did. I will be treading on dangerous grounds here, so let me start by stating that I personally am not tied to any political ears are open to both and the message they may be trying to send from one election to the next. My intentions here are to bring up questions for debate, and determine which way I fall based on the arguments I hear.

Bush did not create a hurricane, but did he create a war? Not by himself, mind you, but through advice of his party and the advisors he chooses to listen to. Did that war cause the country to be limited in it's ability to aid in national disasters such as Katrina? Was the reason for the war worth the price we are paying now? Should Bush be accountable for the people who are running the different departments of the government such as FEMA?

Keep in mind that I am not totally convinced on how I am going to fall on some of the questions I pose, but as of now I know where I stand on a lot of them unless someone can give me good reason why I should change my opinion.

mjf150 09-09-2005 09:06 AM

And That's Why We Elect Local Officials
If Nagin had issued a mandatory evacuation, as he should have, before the hurricane, instead of afterward, this would be a moot point. Nagin saw this coming. He could, as is required of him, have issued the madate that all citizen of New Orleans without personal transportation gather at the Dome. Then he could have put them on the hundreds of school buses that are now underwater, and brought them to safety. The fact is that we, and I'm including myself, become complacent in the mentality that "It won't hit here", instead of taking the necessary precautions, such as evacuating. Make no mistake that Nagin, deep down whether he admits it or not, feels partly responsible for what happened, and instead of admitting fault, he would rather place blame. It starts with the local government.

CheramieIII 09-09-2005 11:22 AM

RE: And That
Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe the only blame to be placed would be squarely on the shoulders of those families who decided not to leave. I don't care if you are poor, you have an evacuation plan in place if you live in a city under sea level and prone to hurricanes every year. It's that simple. The wise people of New Orleans elected that joke of a Mayor and the people of Louisiana elected that joke of a governor. I bet neither one of them get elected next time. New Orleans will be back sooner than alot of people think and bigger and better than ever. You were right E about the jobs, jobs, jobs and the housing boom that is going to take place. New Orleans will double in population within the next 10 years. Just remember you heard it here first sports fans.

Euphoria 09-09-2005 11:29 AM

RE: And That
I really thing you can share the blame across the board on this one, majority going to the Mayor and Govenor. Even the people... come on I lived there and constantly told it was a bowl under sea level. If told to leave of all places in the US that is the one where people need to run not walk to the nearest exit. However, the city, stage needs to let the feds in as early as possible to bring in every bus, truck they can muster to get these people out of the City. Also make the dome a safe place supplying trucks of food in the dome, power and a police station in the building!!!

spkb25 09-09-2005 06:11 PM

RE: And That
wow i didn't get that impression from her comments at all. i think she was saying is that all the people there wanted to live in texas because of how they were treated. i see nothing wrong with her comments.

on a different idea when do we all stop lying to each other about obvious truths.

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