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mjf150 09-09-2005 01:30 PM

Population Shift - History Repeats Itself
The current events that have taken place in New Orleans draw an eerie coincidence to events that took place at the previous turn of the century.
In 1900, a devastating category 4 storm hit the major US port of Galveston, TX, which was at the time larger than the nearby city of Houston, also a port, but located further inland. It was estimated that the hurricane claimed from 6,000-12,000 lives. Because of the severity of the storm and the city's proximity to the Gulf, many of the businesses and residence, alike, moved more inland to Houston, thus converting it into the major metropolis that it is to this day.
It is hard to imagine because none of us were alive at that time, but history has shown it to be a fact, nonetheless. But if you open your mind, it is not hard to see that history could be repeating itself. In this case Baton Rouge is the latter day Houston, and New Orleans is the modern day Galveston.

CheramieIII 09-09-2005 05:12 PM

RE: Population Shift - History Repeats Itself
We have to remember a few things when think about these scenarios. Alot of the surrounding communities are not in the same boat as New Orleans and will most certainly be back on there feet very soon. The city of New Orleans did not have any major damage to the parts of the city that are considered tourist attractions, the Zoo is ok, the French Quarter is ok, Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral are ok, get the point. Real Estate developers have been waiting for years to get there hands on some of the real estate that will be available when some of the residents do not return. There will be a job boom because of the building and more people will move to New Orleans. I look for this tragedy to increase the population of New Orleans in the long run, not deplete it. I guess we all have an opinion but I prefer to stick to mine. Most of the houses that were destroyed in Orleans and St. Bernard Parish (the hardest hit parishes) were older homes and probably paid for, past down from generation to generation and do you think that if FEMA was going to pay for that same family to get a new house they would not move back in a heart beat? Yes they will. The city will be bigger than ever and may not be considered a small market after all is said an done.

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