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LordOfEntropy 09-11-2005 08:01 PM

anyone have a report on Conwell?
Anyone have the status on Conwell? Last I heard he had a possible concussion and possible dislocated or broken jaw.

It's a damn shame, he was having a break-out game. That hit he took reminded me of rock'em-sock'em robots. He's lucky his head is still attached at all.

APSaintsfan 09-12-2005 06:44 AM

RE: anyone have a report on Conwell?
Can you believe the carolina fans??? A lot of them in the stands of course were saying he just got in the way. SUPER game though. They wanted to take him out because he was rocking their world. How can they call roughing the passer on the saints when we bearly touched Delhomme and then they knock the crap out of Conwell and not expect them to not get a penalty????? Just my opinion. We showed that we could play as a team. Brooks DID NOT have any problems, yes they called that throw a fumble but I was their and it was not a fumble it was a forward pass.

maximkat 09-12-2005 07:44 AM

RE: anyone have a report on Conwell?
Also there was a hit on AB that clearly should of been a personal foul, but still with that said, the game was called pretty good I thought.

TallySaint 09-12-2005 10:41 AM


Ernie Conwell

Suffered a concussion and possible displacement of jaw vs. Panthers after he was drilled on an incomplete pass over the middle.

Status is uncertain in Week 2 vs. Giants.

Key Week 1 Injuries...


TallySaint 09-13-2005 06:26 AM

"Questionable for Week 2 vs. Giants"


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