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subguy 03-24-2003 06:34 PM

Help Summarizing
O.K. let's check our off season productivity......... Anyone care to grade?

Signed Lost
DT Martin Chase (re-signed) CB Steve Israel (released)
OT Wayne Gandy (Steelers) P Toby Gowin (Cowboys)
CB Ashley Ambrose (Falcons) QB Jake Delhomme (Panthers)
MLB Orlando Ruff (Chargers) CB Ken Irvin (Vikings)
K John Carney (re-signed) LT Kyle Turley(Rams)
P Mitch Berger (Rams)
QB Todd Bouman (Vikes)

Key people not signed..........HORN, Fontenot,Terelle Smith

Who am I missing?

WhoDat 03-24-2003 06:58 PM

Help Summarizing
OK - here\'s my opinion. Resigning players (unless they are stars of the Joe Horn or Deuce McAllister caliber is irrelevant). Thus, you\'re talking about signing Gandy, Ambrose, Ruff, Berger, and Bouman. You\'ve lost Turley, Delhomme, and Knight (since he is gone). In my mind, on the field, Gandy and Turley are a wash. Bouman and Delhomme are hard to call. I would lean towards us losing out on that deal, but we\'ll call it a wash for argument\'s sake. Berger is probably nominally better than Berger. Ruff doesn\'t seem a whole lot better than Clemons and Ambrose is a pretty good back up (nickel guy, whatever you want to call it). There\'s still a big hole where Sammy Knight used to be. So overall, we haven\'t gotten better, haven\'t gotten worse. We\'ve stayed the same... in my mind.

WhoDat 03-24-2003 06:59 PM

Help Summarizing
Oops - I meant Berger was nominally better than Gowin.

ScottyRo 03-24-2003 08:56 PM

Help Summarizing
I would give the Saints a C+ for their moves so far this off season.

The Turley/Gandy swap might be a wash on the field, but for the organization it was a very good deal. First, we\'ll have to wait and see how gandy performs. Secondly, we\'ll have to see how long he is going to be able to play. Turley was young so we lost a bit there, but otherwise, we still came out ahead.

As far as the rest go, I don\'t mind getting depth at corner (especially someone with ambrose\'s ability and experience), but the rest don\'t seem like much to me except hopefully equal to what we had.

It really all comes down to what we do at safety. If we don\'t get someone who is at least of Sammy Knight\'s quality and durability, then we\'ll be in trouble. Knight may not have been the greatest safety by the scout\'s standards, but he regularly made plays when we needed him and I hate to see him go. That said, I don\'t think he is worth the 5 or 6 million he was asking for. Bottomline is IF our Defensive front 7 play better, then the DB\'s will immediately be better. Otherwise, the offense is going to have to put up 30+ points per game to win again.

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