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TallySaint 09-13-2005 10:59 AM

NY Giants

A few comments from Giants fans...

"The Carolina Panthers sending only three or four pass rushers (and dropping seven or eight defenders into coverage) after New Orleans Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks in the Panthers' 23-20 loss: With fewer people to block, the Saints were able to double team ends Julius Peppers and Mike Rucker. The Saints further added to the Panthers' pass-rush frustration by having Brooks release his passes on three-step drops. With minimal harassment, he was able to be highly efficient. In completing 18 of 24 attempts for 192 yards, Brooks mostly connected with tight ends and receivers on short and intermediate routes."

"The Saints are about as unpredictable as the Giants. God bless their team and all the other blah blah....I still want the Giants to beat them and beat them bad! Cell phone revenge. And Im sure, Lewis and Coughlin learnt a lot from the tapes on what not to do against the Saints. I loved Lewis's adjustments in game 1 for the second half when he decided to pass rush up the middle and fixed Allen so that he wasnt getting burned on those underneath routes time and again."

" The Panthers expected to get pressure without blitzing and failed miserably, much like the Giants will if they just send 4. The O Line is very good, but have gotten rattled easily in the past. Get to Brooks early and his confidence fades. This is why the Saints put such emphasis and the running game. Running Deuce early helped tremendously in slowing down the Panthers front 4."

"My wife is a big Saints fan so I watch all their games and know that team very well. Their are very strong in the trenches. Their O-Line is strong and like the previsous poster mentioned the DE's are great. Charles Grant is a future all-pro. Their CB's are solid. Their weakness on Defense is against the run. They are particularly weak at LB. Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster were able to have success against them last week.

On offense our key will be to stay out of obvisous passing downs. If we can establish the running game early and control the ball we should have success. However, if we end up in several 3rd and long situations their DE's will be able to tee off on Eli and their Secondary (which is pretty opportunistic) could end up with a few Int's.

The Saints offense is pretty dynamic. Deuce is obviously a star. A. Brooks is effective but can be rattled under pressure. Joe Horn is a great WR and don't ignore Ernie Conwell. The key on defense will be to stop the run and to keep A. Brooks from getting comfortable be getting people in his face.

Overall it should be a pretty even game (like almost every game in the NFL these days). I give the very slight edge to the Giants because we are at home."

There ya' go. 8)

Lifer 09-13-2005 06:12 PM

Interesting. Here's what we need to do:

1. Pressure Manning on the obvious passing plays...bring the house. We'll get sacks and turnovers.
2. Contain Tiki Barber. We won't be able to stop him but we have to contain him. Keep him from making huge plays. The best way to do that will be to control the ball on offense by running Duece and making first downs. Our best defense will be to keep Tiki off the field.
3. Get on Shockey. He's emotional and physical. If we let him make a few plays his passion will inspire the Giants. We have to keep him quiet.
4. Play ball control. Move the chains. Stay out of third and long situations. If we can establish the run we can play action and take a few shots downfield.

spkb25 09-13-2005 06:26 PM

is their d as good as the panthers. is their front four as good as the panthers. i think they are not. i think we shove it down their throat with a little bit of here comes some run and then to change it up a little, here comes some more run. then a little play action and then a little more here comes the run punk. thats on o.

now on d we have to have to limit the big plays by the tiki doll. if not the guy will be worse then some gay guy not realizing it was holmes about to give him the fun from behind. ouch. if we can get to the tiki doll then our d goes off that. if we get up by 14 or more count the game as over as eli starts to take his lumps. i recall from the bugs bunny cartoons, hey eli will that be one lump or two? two ok, and out comes the hammer.

frankeefrank 09-13-2005 09:12 PM

While most of the time I'd shoot myself for pumping up a Rick Venturi Gameplan... I have liked the Saints GP against young QB's. Our record since 2003 against teams with starters that have played in fewer than 20 games is pretty good. 7-2 By my count...
Granted this wass vs. the likes of Ramsey, G Johnson, Carr and Dorsey...
We seem to get pressure early and often are rewarded with picks.

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