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TallySaint 09-15-2005 07:13 AM

Random Thoughts

- First, I gotta tell ya I had the strangest dream last night. BnB and whodi were wrapped up in a mean game of Twister. Buddy D was spinning the spinner thing and calling out the colors and stuff (strangely enough, he was very articulate and I understood every word). They were all yellin' at each other. They were all nekked. I woke up in a cold sweat. It was brutal. Oh, the humanity! :)

- Tagliabue sending our Saints to New York for the Giants game was probably a good one, considering. At the time of that decision, with the game only weeks away, most major arenas in the Gulf South were up for grabs for Katrina relief.

- If I were in Benson's shoes, which I'm not, I'd probably be doin' a buncha' soul-searching. From strictly a business point of view? I'd probably let the season play out as the NFL and Tagliabue has dictated and keep my yap shut.

- It's almost mind-boggling what Katrina has added to the Louisiana vs. Benson mix - New Stadium with possible assistance from federal dollars? Benson's ability to dangle the carrot a little further away? The fervor of San Antonio's pitch to land a team? Etc...Etc.

- I'd love to see Talman hook up with a team and do well. Wanna see Bryant pound some guys. Montrae starting would be cool. I'm a 'Nole.

- 18-17. If we score 18 or more, and they score 17 or less - we win. Do the math. Defense, folks. Defense.

- Where the hell is Devery?

- Arguing and callin' folks out here in the forum seems a little silly to me. Sad, at times. Heck, we're on the same team here. Certainly we don't share the same views and opinions. But name callin' and what seems like, at least to me, no tolerance for a differing view really sucks. Hmm.... I'm a church-goer. I'd rather hear a cerebral discussion of why I'm goin' to hell than someone yellin' at me with fire and brimstone. But that's just me...

- The Dolphin's win over Denver really surprised me. More than the Forty-Niners win. Call me crazy, and I know it's only week one. But if the Saints and Dolphins win a few more before they meet in Baton Rouge - forget regional telecasts. Go nationwide, baby! It may be the defining moment in Saints history - Folks across America will see the Saints belong in Louisiana, Benson will realize he really doesn't "own" the team (he's just been a steward), and the fine people in San Antonio will know they are just along for the ride.

- Does Haz dye his hair?

- I'm probably the only Saints fan that thinks building a stadium on the Northshore should be considered. Cowboys-Irving. Giants-NJ. Patriots-Foxboro. I suggest the Hammond area 'cause its halfway between two metros, easy travel with 10, 12 and 55. Not to mention Mariners serves and damn good tater and burger and The Crescent has good strong drinks for celebration or sorrow. Wanna talk parking?

- I'd hate to see the Dome go. I've got pictures of me and my son sittin' in terrace mid-80's vs. Forty-niners. He was five or six years old. He's now 26. I travelled to see the Allman Brothers in the seventies. Tulane fans kissed my 'Nole warpaint cheek and bought me 'umpteen beers when the English folks kicked our #6 in the nation ass. Super Bowls. Final Fours. Hell, I was a Breakers fan. Leaky roof, putred restrooms, lack of control and crime within. Don't blame the Dome. It has served us well.

- Saints defense against the run is still a big concern for me. I'm a firm believer that defense wins games.

- The attention the Saints and New Orleans are gettin' is good and deserving. But do you remember how your stomach turned when the Cowboys declared themselves "America's Team"?

- Amazing how things come around and ring true - Faith, Hope and Charity.

Have a great day!


papz 09-15-2005 08:37 AM

Who's exactly sniffing who's butt up there? :P

Good read Tally. Even though we won our first game, I definately think we should be worried about our run defense. All through the past 4 years, this preseason, and the first game at Carolina, we still haven't been able to stop people from running on us. If this keeps up, no matter how much AB and our secondary is and has improved, an 8-8 or 9-7 first round playoff loss will be in the future.

Where the heck is Devery? He looked great in that one preseason game before Katrina that I was able to catch. I also wish Talman the best.

JOESAM2002 09-15-2005 09:48 AM


I'm a church-goer. I'd rather hear a cerebral discussion of why I'm goin' to hell than someone yellin' at me with fire and brimstone. But that's just me...
You'll go to heaven, we all will. We're Saints fans,we've already been through hell! Go Saints!

TallySaint 09-15-2005 02:01 PM

Stardate OU812...

- It doesn't bother me a bit when Brooks smiles. Don't get me wrong. I'd much rather see it after a sixty yard TD pass. But I don't get worked up if it's a smile during adversity. Sometimes it's a "knowing what went wrong, I screwed up, you screwed up" smile. Not "ha, ha, ha" or jocularity. Brooks is a professional football player. He cares.

- Hope the offense stays healthy and is productive. I'm no offensive guru. I do know, at least from years of being a Seminole, that we've lived and died by our performance and injuries on the O-line. Our Saints have the talent in the guys who can throw, catch and run. I guess the key to the balance we so desperately want lies in game scheme, game-time play calling and the offensive line.

- Let's continue on the offensive side of the ball. Perhaps those of you enlightened can tell us how we're gonna be consistently productive. Just an overall view or tact. It really is a game-by-game thing. All opposing defenses are gonna be different - some are better against the run than pass. Different defensive schemes. Those feeling the need to blast current players or staff need not respond. Think of it as playing the hand we are dealt. Ok?

- I've asked Mrs. TallySaint to pick up several bottles of NoDoz when she visits the Piggly Wiggly this afternoon. Many more dreams like that and I'll soon be a Falcons season ticket holder.

- Wonder if the Tulane Baseball hotdogs are as great as they were back in the Metro days. Those square lookin' buns, relish, onion. Man 'o man.


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