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steelcurtain 09-18-2005 04:32 AM

Brooks for MVP!!!
Sons, I have read all your negative trash talking for Aaron Brooks! I am tired of hearing how terrible a QB he is in the NFL. In my opinion, He is one of the top 5 Qb's in the league. I would not trade him for anybody. He has the strongest arm in the NFL by far! name one player with a better arm??? no Tom Brady's!. OK, he(A) might miss the coverage in the defense a couple of times, but that is why we have Duece and Play action. We have a simplified the offense for brooks and it will show this season. he will have a breakthrough year. the only reason the saints didnt make the playoffs last year was because of the OL; NOT BROOKS!. I hope Victor Riley is OUT of the NFL. Jammall Brown will be the best drafted player for us in the past 10 years. Mayberry was a great compliment to improve the running game too. Lets stop wondering how good this team can be and start supporting the future NFC champiions! I finally can say, "i am happy to be a saints fan today"! wheeeew!

"you do not win once in a while, you win all the time; winning is not a sometime thing it is an all the time thing"

thanks Vince

and since this in one of my first post on this site. GO TO HELL OLE MISS! ATABOY VANDY!

Please tell me why we dont need Brooks? Without Brooks, we will go nowhere!

spkb25 09-18-2005 07:05 AM

RE: Brooks for MVP!!!
um ok you may have lost your mind

Saint_LB 09-18-2005 08:21 AM

Just a few comments on steel curtain's post:

Brooks had a good game. It is only one game. If he plays every game like the last one he just may be the MVP. He did have that one red-zone turnover AB style. (Unforced error) If the game went the other way, you would have heard a lot more about it. Having to adjust the offense to keep the ball out of AB's hands during crunch time would eliminate him from being a top 5 QB in the league. The top 5 guys are the ones who you want to have the ball in their hands when the game is on the lilne.

Why do you feel the need to trash Mississippi. I personally am from Mississippi and you have already rubbed me the wrong way. Was that your intentions? Did you want to draw the line in the sand and identify your advesaries from post # 1? Is the timing of your comment a little bad considering what the people of Mississippi have recently been through?

You sound a lot like a guy who use to post here whose initials were included in his screen name. I hope for your sake that you are not this person, who is being accused in another forum of changing his identity suddenly. If you are, you are in serious need of help, son.

CHACHING 09-18-2005 04:00 PM

Crack kills homie......
I mean if ya gonna smoke......use a screen.....

spkb25 09-18-2005 04:18 PM

thats really good chaching

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