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ScottyRo 09-19-2005 10:11 PM


The fumble basically ended the game.
You're talking about the fumble on the idiot trick-play reverse to start the whole thing off right? That's the one that did it. All momentum shifted from that point and we never got it back.

CheramieIII 09-19-2005 10:11 PM

yasoon, please do ignore everything I say from now on and yes if I were the GM you would not have AB, Haz or Carney this year and quite possibly last year too.

UK_WhoDat 09-19-2005 10:14 PM

We will beat the Vikings if we do not make the silly mistakes. Sure - the Vikings will score, but we will hold up quite a bit, and we will rip them up.

Nuff said

SaintStoneyMount 09-19-2005 10:15 PM

AB's QB rating 66.4

CheramieIII 09-19-2005 10:16 PM

I bet you if the Saints dont make the playoffs this year that Haz and AB are gone and I'll throw in Carney for good measure.

iceshack149 09-19-2005 10:17 PM

There's plenty of blame to go around. No use in focusing on Brooks.
How many penalties did the Saints have tonight? Why was Craft starting over Thomas? Why couldn't Deuce run tonight? Does the pain in Conwells jaw effect his receiving abilities? Were there any turnovers created by the Saints defense? WHY did they try a cute trick play at the start of the game?
Not too many players stepped up tonight. Horn, Stallworth.... um.... that's all I can think of.
It certainly isn't all Brooks fault.

SaintStoneyMount 09-19-2005 10:19 PM

Our defense played a lot better tonight. unfourtunatly our offense played better defense than anyone on the field against ourselves. We kept giving them the ball with good field position and we kept ourselves out of the endzone.

Rsanders24 09-19-2005 10:20 PM

Why do we even have Hilton on the team? 1) he is 6'8" and can cath better than most of our WR's! 2) Who cares if they know that when he come into the game that we are going to throw him the ball they still have to out position and jump him. Who cares if he can't run block, we can't run outside anyway at least he can catch and has plenty of upside. (Cut Conwell, please!) 3) We can't run block anyway, it just looks like there is no technique involved at all. Just get up and plow forward. :help:

ScottyRo 09-19-2005 10:21 PM


Originally Posted by CheramieIII
I bet you if the Saints dont make the playoffs this year that Haz and AB are gone and I'll throw in Carney for good measure.

I heard very similar things last year. :cry:

Rsanders24 09-19-2005 10:22 PM

Speaking of Craft, I been away from the news on the Saints this week. What happened to F. Brown?

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