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No Brooks Bashing

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I just looked at the game stats, was not able to watch the game though. It looked like we had some pretty good numbers on passing, the O line must have sucked, Duece did not hit on sh*t, and the ...

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RE: No Brooks Bashing

I just looked at the game stats, was not able to watch the game though. It looked like we had some pretty good numbers on passing, the O line must have sucked, Duece did not hit on sh*t, and the D line wasn't hitting on sh*t either. I will not "Bash Brooks", but was he smiling after the INT's and fumble? He has great potential, just doesn't have the heart or loyalty to be the leader of this team. As far as us losing to the Giants......SH*T, SH*T, SH*T, SH*T, SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to coach HAZ! Keep it up and you will send us all to an early grave.

Every time they give us hope.......we get a swift kick to the ......

"We are number one. All others are number two, or lower."
-The Sphinx
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RE: No Brooks Bashing

I will not "Bash Brooks", but was he smiling after the INT's and fumble?
Is that on the stats sheet too?
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RE: No Brooks Bashing

Is that on the stats sheet too?
It would be a lonely sheet , almost seems like a Brooks exclusive .....
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RE: No Brooks Bashing

This shows EXACTLY what you people can do with stats. "Oh the offense put up GREAT numbers!" They also only scored 10 points. Pathetic.

Lets look at the plays that count.

Fred McAfee fumbles the return.
1) Horrible call by the sidelines.
2) McAfee effed it up. Period.
3) Took the wind out of the Saints team. You also can't blame the Saints defense for giving up points after that because the Giants were so close that they didn't even have a chance to make a first down.

Conwell drops a couple of balls.
1) He has had one good week. We should have known better.
2) That touchdown pass that he dropped, however wasn't totally his fault. The ball was thrown extremely too hard and too high. Remember this is a big bulky tight end. He's not Joe Horn. There's no sense to throw a rocket feet above Conwell's head. Yes, maybe he should have caught it regardless. That still is nearly impossible, though, considering Conwell has a vertical as high as a television remote is thick.

Joe Horn's fumble
1) The guy played outstanding. His fumble came at the end of the game where it was obvious that they had no chance of winning anyways.
2) This play had no change in the outcome of the game.

Offensive Line got dominated
1) Pure and simple. The Giants defense did not give anything up in the running game.
2) However, we did manage to eat the bajeebus out of their backfield.

1) How can you call for no bashing when 4 of the 6 turnovers came from him?
2) His first interception was a poor pass. He effed up. Period. No excuse.
3) The pass where he threw the ball over the middle between Horn and Stallworth was dumb. Its an ill-advised pass. If you're getting rushed, throw the ball out of bounds. You NEVER, when rushed, throw the ball over the middle in traffic. You just don't do it. They teach you not to. Poor decision.
4) Brooks fumbled the ball on a potential scoring drive. We were on a roll. Thats 7 points and a crapload of moral boosting that could have inspired a comeback.
5) How in the hell does this continue to be a problem with him? How can he consistently make the same mistake over and over? He's good for one of these every ball game.
6) Brooks interception at the end of the game is pointless. I won't bash him on it because the game was over anyways. He was just throwing it up hoping something would happen.

Saints D
1) Our linebackers are not poor, though they do suck at times. There play against the run wasn't that great, but we still could have won the ball game.
2) Craft is horrible. He got exploited.
3) We should be rushing the heck out of the quarterback. However, we can't blitz because our corners are so succeptable. McKenzie is all we have.
4) Since its obvious that Venturi will not get booted, someone needs to slip something in his drink.
5) Its still, at times, hard to fault the defense considering the Saints' offense gives them the ball in such outstanding field position.

Special Teams
1) Christ! Teach these guys how to block without doing it illegally.

How in the hell can you gain a bajillion yards in offense and only score 10 points?
6 Turnovers
4/6 Turnovers came from the quarterback.
Don't tell me I can't bash him.

There is only one person in this league that can throw for nearly 400 yards in a game and still burdon his offense to score only 10 points. There is only one person that can put up star-like numbers, yet play the game like a total bafoon.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Unforced Errors = Drive Killers = Moral Depleters. When the team is marching down the field like an army and about to cash in, Aaron Brooks takes it upon himself to fumble the ball with no cause. It kills the drive and takes the wind completely out of the team's sales.

The only stats that truely matter are points. I want to see scores.
And before you say "our defense played horrible because they gave up 27 points," think about the field position of their first down play on that drive.

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RE: No Brooks Bashing

I don't think the game could have been much worse. Every negative thing that could have happened did. The offense looked good somtimes. AB was throwing some lazor's in there. The WR's did ok. Horn and Stallworth looked really good. Where is the damn rushing attack? Second week in a row that Deuce can't get going. You can't say the defense of Carolina AND NEW YORK was that good....can you? Aren't we supposed to have one of the "best" offensive lines in the NFL? That's what I've read and heard. Well, the pass protection is improving, but the run blocking is not what it should be. The defense didn't even get to Manning. What happened to the pass rush? What happened to Smith, Grant and Howard? Where are the sacks? Don't even get me started about the penalties.

Personlly, I believe the Saints are much better than what they played today. It was a bad game. A really bad one, no doubt. This team cut themselves all night long. The Saints lost this game...New York didn't win it.

Despite the poor showing, I still think this team is going to be good this year. The offense showed how great it can really be. The defense showed that it can stop the run when it needs to. I'm not worried. If the Saints play the Vikings like they played the Giants, then I'll flush the season down the camode. Right now, I think this team is still very capable of winning some games this year. They need to put it all together and work on keeping penalties to a minimum.

Hey guys, this was a bad week for almost every team that was a winner last week, ie...New England, Indianapolis, San Fran, Atlanta, Detroit....the list goes on.

I haven't lost hope on the season, I urge you guys to remain optimistic...at least until after we see the results of the Minnisota game. They'll bounce back...if they don't....well, I guess there will be a lot of bi@tching on this board.
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However, I don't know if someone as obtuse as yourself speaks the same language that I write in.
Isn't this a form of triangle?? Hehehehehhehehehe.
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RE: No Brooks Bashing

I think OldiesDJ pretty much covered everything.

Goodjob db... I guess my day started out with a smile. :P
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brooks got a slap on the back and a good game last week from everyone on the board. he gets a big- GO F URSLEF ARRON- this week. he was terrible
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Re: No Brooks Bashing

[quote="stockman311"]I don't want to hear one person jumping on Brooks for this one. Haslett.....I can't remember of one challenge he has ever won.

First, where do you get off telling other people to not bash Aaron Brooks. Is this his Mom? He couldn't play third-string high school football. His 27 of 45, 3 INT, and one fumble. Killed any shot at winning the game even with the other crappy play on the field. The point is that more often than not, he is responsible for the problems. Besides the center, Brooks is the only on offense, who touches the ball on every play, 1st - 3rd down.

And, as far as, Haslett and challenging plays, he did "protest" to have the punt at the end of the 2nd Quarter reviewed and it seemed to help. It was reversed and the Saints won the challenge.
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Re: RE: No Brooks Bashing

Originally Posted by stockman311
Will do. However, I don't know if someone as obtuse as yourself speaks the same language that I write in.

You can't try to rip someone for being dumb and use a word like "obtuse," which you probably learned from watching the Shawshank Redemption, and then end the sentence with a preposition. LOL.

I don't know if someone as obtuse as YOU speaks the same language IN WHICH I write.

Got it? LOL
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