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frankeefrank 09-19-2005 11:01 PM

Why not Atlanta?
Sure it's sour grapes b/c we lost, but how was Atlanta not chosen for the Saints first "home" game?
I think the Falcon fans would have been more impartial on third downs.
ATL did have an away game....

ScottyRo 09-19-2005 11:26 PM

RE: Why not Atlanta?
I think anywhere EXCEPT our opponents home stadium or in the vicinity of our opponents home stadium would have been the fair choice. However, we've known or should have known all along that fairness is not the major concern for the NFL. They were worried about selling tickets so they chose NY so all the Giants fans would come out. The announcers even goofed one time and made mention of how loud it was at an inopportune time for the Saints. I'm sure Tags wasn't happy with that gaffe.

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