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ssmitty 03-25-2003 05:05 AM

does'nt it seem the saints are really trying to get tj from the patriots without really trying? with no other interested parties and the saints basically and supposedly having already worked out an agreeable contract deal with tj, (rumors of course) and with statements from the coach saying it does'nt look like it's gonna happen, and it's likely they will sign a different safety this week, it seems the saints have said, we're not gonna give you a 2nd for him but, we really want him but, it's your turn for a counteroffer and now time is running out.............not exactly the same as turley, but the patriots could use that 3mil plus freed cap as we will for turley and they do have a taker but not a giver yet...........and the patriots are now on the clock............ smitty

patman 03-25-2003 07:40 AM

I am pretty sure the trade with the Saints is dead. If BB and Haslet did not even talk to each other, I think BB opens up discussion with the Vikings or Cards. Tbuck just wants the money, he has his ring and you can\'t blame him.

WhoDat 03-25-2003 08:41 AM

Jones is happy with the money the Saints are offering. It\'s the Patties that are the road block. I\'d wait and see on this one. The Saints are looking at Lee Flowers and Kwamie Lassiter. Both would help, but neither is the prospect that Jones is. With Jones and the Saints having agreed on money, and the teams only being a single round away in the draft (plus given NE\'s cap situation), you may just see this trade work yet. The Patties might shop Jones around, but I don\'t think you\'ll find any takers for a second-rounder unless a team is desperate. They\'re saying that if they don\'t get what they want then they\'ll just keep him, but that\'s what the Saints said about Turley. Now, Jones has become a disruption and Belicheck does not like that. Jones in on the outs in NE, and with the Saints being the only real bidder, it may just work yet.

pakowitz 03-25-2003 11:25 AM

i agree with whodat, i think it is a work-in-progress, the pats have only about 400,000 in cap space, and if they want to sign anyone or make some room for their draft picks, that 3 mill would help alot.... i think that the pats are just trying to wait it out and see if the saints will budge on giving a 2nd round pick but i hope it doenst happen...also i wouldnt be surprised if the trade goes down on draft heard it here first, we will be big players on draft day, making several moves, including one for TJ ;)

WhoDat 03-25-2003 12:20 PM

I\'ll remember that Yoda! \"We WILL...\", not we might. Interesting... what ever happened to your new avitar?

pakowitz 03-25-2003 12:38 PM

i have to get a release from another web site before we can use it

WhoDat 03-25-2003 01:15 PM

That sucks... well hurry up and get it, you had us all excited!

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