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New Orleans - You are on the clock

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Our O-line and D-lines suck....

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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: New Orleans - You are on the clock

Our O-line and D-lines suck.
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Re: RE: Re: RE: New Orleans - You are on the clock

Originally Posted by GoldenTomb
Originally Posted by BlackonBlack

Dude just look at what happened during the game. Opening kickoff, fumble....whoa i thought we were on offense...all of a sudden we're on D backed up in the red zone. I don't know a D in the league that could hold up against that. I'm not gonna even talk about the Bears because that game last week was an abberation. The Colts are an offensive juggernaut and were winning last year with no D at all.

Now you're saying that the D should be more responsible than our offense for putting points on the board????????? That's weak

I know at least 20 that would, and have held up to such. Carolina has a knucklehead that turns it over as if he was a call-girl. We've had a defense that stayed on the field 2/3 of the game for years so I'm flabbergasted at the fact you don't remember!

Was the defense tired right after the fumbled opening return? Did the defense pressure Culpepper in the first 3 quarters? all WR'S ran freely and Culpepper was untouched for most of the game! Offenses are gonna strggle your defense is not supposed too!

The offense is gonna stuggle but the defense is not supposed to???

That's gotta be the most damning statement you've made. Your bias is too clear.
His bias hasn't been clear since he got here? Anything that potentially places blame on Brooks, like blaming the offense for any lackluster play, will instantly be blurred and have as much BS thrown at it as possible to deflect.
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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: New Orleans - You are on the clock

I would take Vick off the list. I think he is in the same mold as AB. I would rather have Leinhart or Cutler. I guess we have the draft to look forward to, hell its only 6 months away.
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Re: RE: New Orleans - You are on the clock

Originally Posted by BlackonBlack
You guys really are lost, what was the stat they showed that our defense has allowed a TD in the first possession of every game? A team feeds off it's defense, every team does! And our defense didn't pressure Culpepper until the game was out of reach! Turnovers happen, that the life of the NFL and your defense is there to limit the points allowed after a turnover.

Getting turnovers, scoring off turnovers! We needed to get a turnover from the Vikings to take over the game did we get it?no! When we needed the ball back in the 4th quarter to attempt to tie the game could we get the ball back?no!

Even the freakin Colts are winning on defense now, and everybody now is saying they finally are getting it right...Do you know the Bears right now have more scoring TD'S this season already than the Saints have from 2000-2005 combined. That's ridiculous for a teams defense that can't score a couple of turnovers a year, we have had 10 TD'S in 5 years combined! Lovie Smith gave his defense a 10 TD goal for the year.

Why cause teams feed off your defense, never ever have you heard that a team feeds off its offense, except the Rams of 99'.
Well the last 2 games we fumbled the opening kick off. Its pretty tough to start talking about how the Saints are giving up TDs in the opening drive everytime when the other teams starting field position for the opening drive is in the red zone.
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All the QB draft talk and no mention of A-Mac?


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I am sorry, if we have a chance at Leinart or Omar Jacobs, sorry A-Mac. If we lose again like we have been losing though, we should stick the kid in and let him take his lumps. I am sure he can have 6 turnovers and 2 TDs with a QB rating under 50 in the last two games for us.
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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: New Orleans - You are on the clock

I would think that if Vick knew he had a high chance of being drafted by the Saints he would definitely go back for his Senior year!

With the Saints first pick of the draft, they select Jimmy Williams. My second option would be Wright from Texas. Will this be the first year in which we select a corner in the first round remains to be seen. Wright would also be a solid pick... we finally might be able to get the big DT we need in the middle of our defense. If we can stop at the point of attack, drafting a linebacker would be useless.

Next years draft will be very similiar to last years. Lots of solid players will be there in the second and third rounds. The difference will be there will be many steals in the third round. I think we could get a All-Pro caliber linebacker in the second round. As much as I would love to have a Greenway or Hawk, I'll settle for a Sims in the second. There are many outstanding LB prospects that are going to be coming out.
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