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Cassady37 09-25-2005 04:14 PM

You can blame the players but......
....this coaching staff needs to be sent down the road. The fundamentals of the game are not there, the coaches looked confused on most plays on either side of the ball. Yeah, you can blame individual players but damn, A.B. under center most of the game when he should have been in shotgun, receivers not doing ANYTHING after their routes are finished, i.e. when Brooks is under pressure, defensive linemen rushing only so far and then stalling, Darren Howard rushing inside when he was supposed to have outside containment, miscommunication between CB's and Safties, tackling fundamentals SUCK!!! I mean, come on, the main consistent factor is this damn coaching staff. Most teams can take mediocre players and at least make them consistent in a positive way, how many teams do you know that keeps the core of a coaching staff that can make their teams look this bad year after year. And please, no more talk of how Katrina changed our year, this team would've only been a 6-10 team without the natural disaster, I mean, #$*&@!, can you not play at least for for pride, correct me if I'm wrong, did any of the players lose ANY of their contract money because of the hurricane???!!!!! This is WAY worst than being a crack addict, at least with crack you have a temporary high! Thank you and goodnight.

LordOfEntropy 09-25-2005 04:22 PM

RE: You can blame the players but......
Derrick Johnson is doing "pretty" well in K.C. Thomas Davis is doing "pretty" well in Carolina.

We, in our infinite wisdom, picked an OT to begin this years draft, and reap the fine rewards from that decision this year. Enlightened...

I *****ed during the draft it, got convinced later that Brown was a good pick, but now I see it for what it is. A mistake. It was a mistake.

Our O couldn't score against Holy Cross. With our without Brown. Brown isn't making a difference.

GoldenTomb 09-25-2005 04:31 PM

RE: You can blame the players but......
Well for what it's worth...I heavily lobbied for Charles Woodson and DJ....i even had him in my avatar for weeks preceding the draft.

All of the AB backlash is due to his supporters once again hyping him up to no end only to see the same crap over and over. I honestly think the D is trying their hardest....which is why i'm not as critical. This offense isn't putting forth the same effort.

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