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TallySaint 09-26-2005 10:42 AM

Buffalo Bills

What some Bills fans are sayin'...

"Thru 3 games, we have seen the opponent carry the ball 99 times for 522 yards. That is 5.3 YPC, and 174 YPG. Compared to last season, where we were tied for 5th in YPC defense (3.6 YPC) and finished 7th in total rushing defense (100 YPG). And before you point to our opponents thus far (Atlanta led the league in rushing a year ago), let me point out that even the lowly Texans averaged over 4 yards per carry and nearly reached the century mark themselves - so one of the worst offenses in the entire NFL did to us - on our field - what the average team did to us last season. As much as JP has looked bad, and as much as McGahee didn't do his share against the Falcons, I think we should be looking at both sides of the ball. Right now it is pretty clear our DTs neet to step it up a few notches."

"I was very upset at the Offensive Line play after last weeks game, but after this week I am firmly on the fire Tom Donahoe bandwagon. It’s for one reason and one reason only. The Offensive line is a JOKE. Now I’ve given Tom the befit of the doubt, and have been his biggest supporter, since he’s been with the team, because he’s a great team President... one of the best in the NFL, but as a GM Tom has worts. The biggest of these worts is his flat out refusal to draft/sign ATHLETIC Offensive Linemen. It’s a joke. It’s worst then Jim Haslett’s refusal to draft Corners... For many years everyone in the Country knew the Saint had a playoff caliber team, they have an above average QB, they have above average Receivers, they have GREAT Defensive Linemen, and an above average Offensive Line. Even with all this talent the Saint would get beat in shoot-outs because they started shoddy Corners."

"Achilles tendon injuries are never good, and pending the severity he could be gone for more than jsut this year. Theses injuries nag a player for the rest of their career, just look at Sam Cowart he never fully returned to his All-Pro status. Ladies and gentlemen, not to look too far into the future (negative), but we may have seen the the last days of a great Takeo Spikes... "

"New Orleans is a mediocre football team which means we have a chance to win. "

"The answer for jp is the same as it is for everything else. ALCOHOL. "

There ya go...


saintswhodi 09-26-2005 10:53 AM

Even with all that, the Bills have one of the better defenses in the league, one that will capitalize on mistakes. Losing Spikes was BIG though. But with that being said, the blueprint for beating the Saints is set, stop the run at all costs, and make AB beat you. On obvious passing downs, put pressure in his face. Until AB steps up and beats down this strategy, it's the one teams will use over and over and over. The NFL is a copycat league. It will help ENORMOUSLY should we not fumble the opening kickoff, but even after that, you are just down 7-0. If you are out of your gameplan cause you are down 7-0, it's a crap gameplan to begin with. I am gonna be at this game, so I will see firsthand if we can beat this strategy. If we get the same pressure on Losman that we got on Culpepper, we should force him into some key mistakes and win. But McGahee must be licking his chops right about now to get at us. We need to use the same strategy on them they will prob use on us, stop the run at all costs and force Losman to beat us.

papz 09-26-2005 10:54 AM

RE: Buffalo Bills

It’s worst then Jim Haslett’s refusal to draft Corners...
ROFL... I got a kick out of that.

We have an above average everything yet we still stink it up. Pathetic.

CHACHING 09-26-2005 11:42 AM

RE: Buffalo Bills
I don't know if even gonna watch the game this week.......The Bills are gonna kill our offense..
I can't stand to watch...

TallySaint 09-26-2005 12:59 PM

Woeful Bills defense is running on empty

9/26/2005 Jerry Sullivan-Buffalo News

Jerry Gray was one of the first people out of the locker room after Sunday's 24-16 loss. The Bills' defensive coordinator was moving so quickly, he might have been mistaken for Michael Vick. Gray was in no mood for talking. He stopped only long enough to tell a reporter, "Go talk to the referees. They have all the answers."

Oh, yes. Those accursed NFL officials. There they go, spoiling the Buffalo defense's run at greatness. It must have been the officials who gave up 236 yards rushing to Atlanta, who allowed Warrick Dunn to bust a 59-yard run just before halftime and who devised an overzealous game plan that failed to contain Vick in the pocket.

Blame the officials. It's a lot easier than swallowing the hard, objective truth - which is that Gray's celebrated defense might be the most overrated unit in the NFL, one that talks about making history when it should be worried about making tackles.

Coming off the Tampa debacle, the defense had a chance to redeem itself against Vick, one of the most dynamic athletes in sports. It failed miserably. It allowed Atlanta to average 6.6 yards per rush. It was dominated for the second week in a row.

One bad performance is an aberration. Twice is a trend, a crisis. The only history that came to mind was the horrid memory of the 2001-02 defenses under Gregg Williams. This year's "D" was supposed to carry the team. It's the worst run defense in the NFL after three weeks. It's getting shredded for 174 yards a game.

"We're better than that," said head coach Mike Mularkey, "and our players know we're better than that. We pride ourselves on stopping the run."

Mularkey said the defense has been effective against the run, except for the occasional lapse that results in a big gain. It sounded like the worst of the Williams era, when coaches and players insisted that the run defense was actually OK - if you took out the long plays.

Granted, the offense had a big share in this loss. J.P. Losman was terrible again. The Falcons played without their top three cornerbacks for half the game, and the Bills couldn't take advantage. Eric Moulds said he hated to second-guess the coaches. Then he did it, anyway. He said you have to exploit backup corners. You have to make teams pay.

Moulds is right. He has eight catches for 66 yards on the season. He's on the verge of blowing his stack. The Bills are coaching scared. They're afraid to let Losman throw the intermediate passes. They went deep a few times, but otherwise it's a lot of dink and dunk. They're averaging under 9 yards a completion, the lowest in the league.

Story continues...


TallySaint 09-26-2005 02:28 PM

Angelo Crowell will replace Spikes at LB.

Stats and profile...


TallySaint 09-26-2005 02:40 PM


"The Bills have to address their quarterback situation immediately, since they can't be a bona fide playoff contender with J.P. Losman. There are too many talented veterans on the defense to already give up on this season and commit to the future by sticking with Losman. The second-year QB's production is headed steadily downward -- he threw for 170 yards in Week 1, 113 yards in Week 2 and 75 yards on Sunday. At this rate, he'll be throwing for negative yards by Week 5. Buffalo has to commit to veteran Kelly Holcomb right now or the season is over."


WhoDat 09-26-2005 02:43 PM

Great - the Saints are exactly what they need. The Bills can get healthy on both sides of the ball this week.

saintswhodi 09-26-2005 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by WhoDat
Great - the Saints are exactly what they need. The Bills can get healthy on both sides of the ball this week.

Wait, what happened to the other WhoDat? I was just getting used to that guy. lol

TallySaint 09-26-2005 03:08 PM

From The Buffalo News...



Running game
Willis bounced back and brought the hammer. He ran hard. Bills ran ball against Atlanta's seven-man fronts.

Passing Game
J.P. missed opportunities to exploit hobbled DBs. He only threw for 23 yards in second half. Evans, Moulds didn't get ball enough.

Run defense
Bills are missing old No. 93. Bills got gashed too often up middle. Leaving too many gaps on slants. Now Spikes is out. Ugh.

Pass defense
Instead of keeping Vick in pocket, Bills blitzed him out of pocket. He converted 7 of 12 third downs. Kelsay got key interception.

Special teams
Forced a turnover on punt return to keep hopes alive. Pinned them at the 3 on a punt. Lindell made three more FGs.

Gray's blitzing didn't contain No. 7. Couldn't exploit suspect secondary. Margin for error slim with a young QB.


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