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saintswhodi 09-27-2005 09:56 AM

Offseason changes
Here we are, 3rd game into the season, and I see threads about Matt Leinart, draft position, new coahces, etc. etc. etc. The winds of change are blowing harshly around here. it's nice to see the majority are starting to gather what a few were able to see before the season even started, same old Saints. But even the cruel manner in which the Saints have returned everyone to Earth is unfair. When is it our turn?? But that being said, what changes are you praying for in the offseason? For me:

1. Haslett has to go. Has to. I don't care how composed he was after the Hurricane, it's a week and a half later and he still ******* about the Giants "home" game. Grow a set man. Kick your team's arse and accept nothing less than an all out effort from every player. But with Haslett gone, that leads to

2. Venturi gone. Does anything even need to be said on this? Haz also takes with him

3. Aaron Brooks. Enough of this clown already. Seriously. Time to move on. Thanks for the stats Aaron. Don't let the door hit ya.....

4. DT and LB and CB. DT and LB and CB. DT and LB and CB.

5. O-line. Maybe a new coach and scheme will help. Along with a player or two.

Who replaces these guys?

1. For Haz, go after Weis at Notre Dame(longshot). Or Childress. Or Chow. Or a trained monkey, anyone.

2. New coach will bring his own DC, and it won't be Venturi. Nuff said.

3. Not ready for A-Mac and depends on draft position. Maybe a trade for Volek, or Rivers or someone. Don't know who will be a FA at the end of the year, but it can't get much worse.

4. Rodrique Wright, AJ Hawk Jimmy Williams. Get one or two. Preferable two. DO NOT LET good FAs just go to other teams this year. Noone on defense should be safe besides safeties and McKenzie. Fakhir can play for a nickel job when he is healthy, or the starter if we can't draft someone or bring someone in.

5. Dunno. Best FA available.

Time to blow this whole thing up. Has to be.

papz 09-27-2005 10:13 AM

RE: Offseason changes
My #1 would be to finally get rid of Venturi... this has been a long overdue move. How do you justify bringing back a DC that does not have the ability to motivate his defense and consistently letting it finish in the bottom half of the league every single year? How stupid can management be?

#2 Bye Haslett. Sadly to say, I was actually a Haslett supporter. :bang: It's time for a change. Bring in someone who can inspire confidence. I want someone who comes in and has everyone's respect and admiration... a proven WINNER (insert Charlie Weis or Jim Johnson please)

#3 :gun: AB :biggun: I agree with Volek... there is no reason why he should be backing up anyone in this league.

#4 For once, please go out there and get a PROVEN STUD DT... lord knows this position has been a problem for years. I guarantee we'll see a dramatic change in our defense if we had a Seymour Stroud type of player anchoring the heart of our d.

#5 Draft well... sw pretty much has my draft picks for the offseason. Williams, Wright, and Sims for me.

BreesFN9 09-27-2005 10:37 AM

Good analysis.

#1. Please get some Linebackers!!!!

#2. Sorry Haz, But I too would like to see a coach come in that will rip U on national TV, in front of your own team, and then bench U for doing a stupid play. I saw Haz blow up once in the last game at Car ( Last season ) And I loved it....We need more fire!

#3. Venturi....Nuff said.

#4. Don't U think that Brees might be available next year? Rivers has got to get his chance soon...right? SD will have to get rid of Brees at his highest value, before it drops, that might be next season? I don't think Volek will be available, though he would be a nice addition, Mcnair won't be around too much longer and the Titans know it. It sounds like Ramsey in Wash is up for grabs? Sounds like he has a huge chip on his shoulder as well and is just looking for a fresh start. Could be a good fit here with our speedy receiving core, and we might be able to grab him for little compensation??

saintswhodi 09-27-2005 10:40 AM

Brees may be available, you are right. San D franchised him this year, so he is making a lot, but they may not do the same next year. McNair looks like a new guy in Chow's offense. He may be around a while yet, so Volek may be available, although with Pennington out, Chris Mortensen thinks the Jets will go after him. Ramsey, I know he is shell shocked from the Suppier days when he was getting clobbered, but this may be a Kerry Collins to the Ginats type move, where he shakes off the labels and makes it happen here. I am not betting on it, but there is precedent.

TheDeuce 09-27-2005 11:16 AM


Here we are, 3rd game into the season, and I see threads about Matt Leinart, draft position, new coahces, etc. etc. etc. The winds of change are blowing harshly around here. it's nice to see the majority are starting to gather what a few were able to see before the season even started, same old Saints.
It's not that few were able to see what the Saints really were, it's just that, what's the point of rooting for a team if all you're going to do is bash them and say how much they suck even before they've played a game? I'm sure every person that posts on this site knew that the Saints weren't going to go 16-0 and win a championship, or even go 12-4 and be a really solid team; but there's no point in being a fan if you're not going to have some hope and support your team before the season starts. Anyways, you were right whodi, so props on calling that the Saints would collapse; I just don't think that the people that post here were "unaware" of how good (or bad) this team really was).

Anyways, to give my opinion about offseason changes, here we go:

1. New coach and coaching staff. I don't really know who will be available at season's end, but anybody has to be better than Jim Haslett. I called for his firing last season, and I will call for it again.
2. Defensive help, especially a linebacker. I watched that OSU v. UT game a couple of weeks ago and I was just flat out impressed with AJ Hawk. That guy was always around the ball; I saw him recover a fumble, pick off a pass, and record at least one sack in the parts of the game I watched. If not him, there are several other very impressive defensive players that will be coming out this year: Ernie Sims, Jimmy Williams, AJ Nicholson, and several others. Our defense needs help, and especially our linebackers.
3. New quarterback. Whodi, you were right again, and I guess my optimism just can't lead me any further with Aaron Brooks. Time to get a new one. The guy that I would suggest that I think could seriously be the future of this franchise at quarterback is Matt Schaub in Atlanta. There is no freakin reason that guy should be a backup (other than Michael Vick is on his team). He is big, fast, and a smart football player. I don't know about his contract or anything, but I would love to see us go after this guy. I watched him in preseason (yes, I know it's just preseason), but he was going agaisnt first team defenses and was picking them apart.
4. Aggressiveness in free agency. I am so sick and tired of watching our Front Office take a 6 month vacation after the Super Bowl. We need to make an impact in free agency and sign some guys who can help this team win. No more sitting around with our thumbs up our butts.

saintswhodi 09-27-2005 12:38 PM

The Deuce, you are right. And even I got caught up in some of the hype, but I still predicted 8-8, poss 9-7 or 7-9. Very chicken **** I know, but until they showed me something different, that has been the norm. As far as Brooks goes, I supported him til the end of the 2003 season. With the numbers he had, he shoulda been in the pro bowl, had it not been for those dumb ass fumbles. Just stupid fumbles, half of them it seemed he was untouched. And people made excuses for the dumb ass fumbles, even when he was untouched. And that just turned me off of Brooks. And the more people make excuses for him, the more I dislike him. I have said the last two off-seasons, it's on him to prove me wrong about him. Looks like it ain't gonna happen, barring a miracle. It's time for wholesale changes on this team. Top to bottom. This is a mess that's only getting worse. I like your offseason plan.

BreesFN9 09-27-2005 12:52 PM

Agreed with you all, but all and all I would have NO problem eating my words and have the Saints turn it around and get into the playoffs......Still some hope left in me.

saintswhodi 09-27-2005 01:01 PM

I don't think anyone would have a problem with that Stall. Noone.

no_cloning 09-27-2005 01:50 PM

Get linebackers, get O-Line players ... that doesn't help at all.
The change has to come from the very top and I mean higher up than head coach. I'm sick off all this "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job" BS Saints style. There has to be a culture of accountability - and it isn't gonna come with Old Guy Benson. Maybe if he turns the team over to his granddaughter.
There have to be consequences when you are clearly not doing your job well. I believe Haslett is a good guy and a hard working one as well, but look at the results. Just draw the line any time you're ready.
With this acceptance of mediocrity what top-notch coach would come here?

And if we have to talk about players, how about this interesting (I think) speculation I heard on ESPN radio: If the Packers continue to play the way they are playing right now, they have a shot at Matt Leinhart. They can't pass up a franchise quarterback like him and Aaron Rodgers becomes expendable and could be had with a 3rd rounder (at the moment I don't remember if we traded that away or not). The Packers like to trade with the Saints ...
I kinda like the idea.

saintz08 09-27-2005 02:06 PM

1. Long overdue exodus for Hasbeen . Replaced by Gary Kubiak .

2. Venturi can push paper in the front office .

3. Brooks trade to Arizona for a 12 pack and future considerations .

When terminology is a problem and you do not make the correct use of the personel you have til late in the season , no one is beyond speculation .

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