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pakowitz 09-27-2005 06:23 PM

alive and kicking
hey everyone, i am alive and well. my house is destroyed completely and so is the rest of cameron. the national guard isnt letting anyone in and probably wont be for a month or so. the electric company says there wont be power for at least 6-8 months but there isnt anything there to power so...... i am now living in Maurice, LA. my mom lives here so i came stay with her an my younger brother. we have like 15 people here, all of them are aunts uncles cousins and my grandmother, they all lost their homes b/c they live in cameron... its gonna be a rough year or 2 but we will make it through... i seen the score of the saints game, makes me sick to my stomach..... they suck...... ight i will try to get back on later....


BlackandBlue 09-27-2005 06:26 PM

RE: alive and kicking
Glad your ok, bro.

spkb25 09-27-2005 08:03 PM

RE: alive and kicking
thats terrible bro. keep your head because life will keep moving and you will probably be a better man for having gone through this. i know it doesn't look like it now. one day you will tell your grand kids about this

jrmllb 09-27-2005 08:08 PM

RE: alive and kicking
Hey pakowitz I used to work out of Maurice at the Schlumberger office there...Do you work in the oilfield? If you do and need a job you should go see them, they are some great guys. I loved working with that bunch of guys in the Boats and Skids Divisions. I only left because I decided to go back to coluj and git edjukated.

jrmllb 09-27-2005 09:01 PM

RE: alive and kicking
Sorry, just a poor attempt at humor to try and pick up pak's spirits...NOt only is he going though all that stuff but his team is getting trounced.

spkb25 09-27-2005 09:10 PM

RE: alive and kicking
oh jesus jrm i almost posted on here to say it was a joke. my bad man i knew i should have. i was breaking your balls. thats my fault as always. i am from jersey originally. you should here how i talk to my family. thats my fault man. i really was sitting here thinking should i tell him i am kidding or not. no man that is my bad. i was trying to be funny too. i should have said it. never again. i will make sure i put it in there when i asm kidding

jrmllb 09-27-2005 09:23 PM

RE: alive and kicking
I thought you harm done...I saw jersey once...from over Laguardia...I've heard the rest of the state looks nothing like Newark, is it true? I heard its actually really nice country

spkb25 09-27-2005 09:58 PM

RE: alive and kicking
bro they don't call it the garden state for nothing. growing up and this is no lie i had a peach tree, a pear tree, and a tree that produced something like black berries on it in my back yard. in our front yard we had two big ever greens you know the chirstmas trees. dude south jersey where i am from is nothing like north jersey. you can not beat jersey tomatoes. anyone that says they can are full of ****. being down in virginia i have missed those tomatoes ever since. never mind the cheese steaks and pizza. my god i miss home and can't wait till i move back in a couple of years. italian food in the south yeah right. i asked for an italian hoagie when i was in new orleans. this lady at the counter had no clue what the hell i was asking for. she just stared at me. my buddy had to tell me they don't know what that is here. so i got a po boy. and i was not disappointed at all. also had crawl fish while down there and it was great. me and my boy went out to a bar after the crawl fish and drank all night came home and ate the red potatoes that came with the crawl fish afterwards. bad idea. i threw up all over my sheets in my sleep. worst part we were 18 and we were staying with his dad who i had never met. that is the only time i was in new orleans. the food was excellent. only place i will say that about outside of the north. dude we took like a 30 hour train from philly. god aweful. if you ever get the chance to go to south jersey or philly and notice i said SOUTH jersey you can get a real cheese steak. new york is ****. pizza in new york is good but they don't know what a cheese steak is. i tryed it and got more of a cheese steak hoagie. with mayonaise. yuck. you want a real steak sandwich go to south jersey or philly. it has spread to south jersey cause **** i only live 16 miles away. or use to. if you do decide to go to philly or south jersey for a steak sandwich do not go to pat's or gino's. they are to famous and don't make them right. go to a place owned by an italian family. they are always the best. just ask someone they will tell you the best place to go. try a pizza steak whle your there very ecellent. i always get a pizza steak with fried onions and hot peppers cooked in. they are called cooked in because they cook them with the steak on the grill. if you have not had one my man you neeed to try one.

saintswhodi 09-28-2005 10:08 AM

Glad you're safe pak, sorry bout the house bro.

LKelley67 09-28-2005 11:15 AM

thinking of you and yours pak. keep some real faith!

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