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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Here is one question that I have been asking myself for a few years now... I have heard Haslet say time and time again that we need to run duece more. Since the 80's the Saints have been completely predictable. ...

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Here is one question that I have been asking myself for a few years now... I have heard Haslet say time and time again that we need to run duece more. Since the 80's the Saints have been completely predictable. The way I see it, this game in the NFL, is about being unpredictable--on offense and defense. When your opponent is not quite sure whether you will run or pass on the majority of downs it leaves doubt in thier hearts. In the NFL a few seconds equals a huge play and/or touchdown. Like I said, this is not limited to the offensive production. On defense, you also need to become unpredictable to where the team doesn't if and when your blitz is coming, ala Jim Morra's great defensive team of the late 80's/early 90's. Bottom line is that I believe we have a pretty good team--I will never say we have a good team, nor will the media or the rest of the nation, until they prove it in the win column. Keeping to the same subject matter, how many times have you heard "other" coaches say we will take what they will give us? Well you know if they are consistently stacking the line with an eight man front I do believe the answer is not running it three straight downs, ala Mike Ditka. Ok, enough venting...what's your take?
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RE: Gameplan

I think the play calling has been predictble and also not very good. I think that it's not so bad if the other team knows what your going to do if you are playing to your strengths. Everyone knows Pittsburgh is going to run, but they are so strong in that area that it doesn't matter. We heard a lot this offseason about the Saints plans to use a dominating in your face running game. But we don't have that running game thus far. So when we try that smashmouth run style we ussually get our mouths smashed. Also why can't Brooks hit his hot read on blitzes. He only seemed to be able to do that in the first game. I have seen on numerous plays this year where our receivers are open. Either Brooks can't pick up his hot read or the receivers aren't adjusting their route. Either way they need to get on the same page. But Duece middle...Duece middle....save us Aaron, it's third and long aint working. I'd rather see play action pass on the first down and then work it out from there. We need five yards or bettter on first. And man these penalties are killing us. Look SC now I'm venting but it was a rough weekend. First the Saints decided not to show up in Minnesota and then Jamarcus Russell decides to do his best Aaron Brooks impression on Monday night AWWWGH!!!! Okay I'm okay


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RE: Gameplan

This a very interesting question/concern sc-saint.

Here are a couple of things I think on the topic:
1. The best offenses are unpredictable in one sense, but being balanced is more important. If a team is practically random in its play selection, it would be very unpredictable, but that would be bad - a lot of game planning revolves around setting up certain plays. For example, run a short out a couple of times, then hit the out and up (this will crew the jumpy corners). Thus, being unpredictable following a stretch of predictable can be even more damaging than merely being random (or 100% unpredictable). Also, things like play action fakes revolve around having a balanced attack - if the run isn't a threat, no one will buy the play action.

Furthermore, there is almost nothing more demoralizing for an opposing team than the ability to run the same play (or near variant of the same play) over and over again with solid success. This is, I believe, the reason we run a lot of Duece Off Guard; of course, our problem is that this tactic is only demoralizing when it is successful - it merely helps the defense when it isn't.

2. I agree that our play calling hasn't been too exciting this year, but my general opinion is that it has been way better than last year. No more 2-TE B.S., we are actually throwing the ball to the TE (which does open our WRs more, and has clearly provided us with a good receiving option), and whatever our line has been doing has been getting Brooks way more time (even if he is failing to make good use of it a lot of the time).

3. I know it is kind of early to say, but I feel really good about our OL. They held off a VERY strong pass rush from Carolina. While they've regressed slightly in the last two games, I attribute some of that to frustration with our inability to get the running game going. It is the coaching staff's job to deal with frustration and get our boys in line, so I believe that there is some coaching problem there, not a problem with the individual players on our OL. In fact, and I may eat my words, I believe this year's line is the second best line we've had in almost 15 years.

4. Finally, it is starting to look strongly like our QB situation is a problem. I wanted to believe it would change, but our defense has kept us close enough to win the last two games and the special teams and offense have not been able to produce. While there are many problems, the second game this year evaporated because our QB couldn't get it done, and, while I think the details matter, this trend is just too old now to ignore. I am affraid my defense of Brooks, even just as a devils advocate, is rapidly coming to an end.

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RE: Gameplan

Good read Kool and I agree with ya and mostly on point #4. Everyone here knows that if you are trying to kill a snake you take the head off and AB is the head of the snake. Biting and infecting everything he puts his hands on (team spirit and attitude). He has the reverse midas touch, everything he touches turns to shiiiiit. We have given AB and Haz way too many chances already, now it's time to give the Saint's a chance and send them both packing.
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