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Damn fine game Saints

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Top to bottom. Outside of the opening drive, the D was great. Outside of the first pass for almost an INT, Brooks was good. Outside of the first drop, Stallworth was good. It seemed like offense and defense once their ...

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Damn fine game Saints

Top to bottom. Outside of the opening drive, the D was great. Outside of the first pass for almost an INT, Brooks was good. Outside of the first drop, Stallworth was good. It seemed like offense and defense once their first series were over, they played an excellent game. The crowd was off da chain. Loud loud loud. Taunting Buffalo fans, the whole nine. I am gonna be hoarse until the Atlanta game. You did us proud Saints. Great game. This game showed that minus the penalties and turnovers, we could be 4-0 and not 2-2. Let's hope we can keep this up for the trip to GB next week. And the offense got it done without Joe, and Deuce didn't hang his head and took over the 4th quarter. Great job all around.
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RE: Damn fine game Saints

Drink that Kool-aid whodi

Just kidding. Must have been fun to watch. From what I was listening to the O-line was pretty bad today but we didn't make any turnovers so I guess it works out. I hope we get Farve to go into retirement next week.
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I didn't think the O-line was bad. Brooks had time to throw. We ran more rollouts for him to get him in space. HE made some plays with his feet, he missed some passes, and he made some. The O-line was absolutely dominant in the 4th quarter, as well as Deuce. I don't think the O-line was world beaters, but they definitely did not play badly. It was great to watch though. There was this one obnoxious Buffalo fan who left early in the 4th quarter. It was great.
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We won but I wouldn't call it a great game.
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we played very well today and i will take that each weeek. now can we do that each week i dont know yet
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Some of ya'll are truly funny..
A win is a win...
We actually looked good.
Phuck the hype......WE LOOKED STRONG!!!
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Hey Spkb! I hope we look this good next "WEEEK" too!!! LMAO!!! Sorry bro, had too! Hey, I'm with you guys on this. A win is a win, but to not get a yellow flag thrown every 60 seconds is nice. The defense holding a team to under 100 yards passing (even though the team was behind most of the game) is pretty good. I'll take this win and eat it up. Nice job Gents!
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Originally Posted by Euphoria
We won but I wouldn't call it a great game.
So I guess a defense that only holds an opposing team to 7 points, and an offense that rushes for over 100 yards and doesn't turn the ball over, from this team, isn't great? Take the stick out please.
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Merces Letifer
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Yep, I enjoyed this one, and hopefully will be enjoying the next one...

The only thing that I didn't enjoy was reading some of the signs arounds the stadium, especially the one that said San Antonio Saints and We Love the SAints, with the SA highlight'd in glitter...

..but other than that, it was an enjoyable game to watch, from Brooks running and showing some fire, to the defense making plays (even if it was more the Bills ineptitude than the Saints play), to Deuce putting the game on ice with 3 10+ yd runs in a row at the end... and I am going to enjoy th e next
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if this team could just shake the jekyll and hyde MO. they looked very solid today. when they had plenty of injuries and two weeks of bad mojo they turn it all around. now next week againsy a team they should also be able to beat... we'll see. buffalo was pretty bad though. several times during the game i said things like- "wow, this team is sloppier than the saints" "they are giving to us like we did to minny" (didja see how bad the vikes were against the atl? they have been dreadful in all games except last week) "this looks like new orleans-like penalties on them". they were very lucky that first half last few seconds kickoff return wasn't a TD also. that looked like a same old football follies saints.

positive points:
brooks running- he should have been doing this much LONG ago.
brooks no bungles- it wasn't perfect but no single terrible usual-like mistakes stick out
deuce running outside and all over in the 4th
donte looking like a #1 receiver
winning in the trenches both sides
pass rush- i dunno what the prob was the first 2 games but they are definitely ON now
not seeing craft burned embarrassingly- and even making a interception
bullocks name wasn't called much but i can't remember him being eaten up on any plays either. he might be better than good but aging bellamy by the season's end
the rotating LBs actually were not pathetic. several times i shook my head "freakin sedrick hodge even making a play!"
it can be hard to tell from the way games are miked but the SA crowd seemed loud and helpful

negative points:
deuce in between the tackles- i dunno if it is that everyone can read it and key on him, weak gameplan, poor offensive line work, or him but for 3 qtrs that in between the tackles thing was looking like another 3 or less ypc this week
haslett going for the FG on 3rd down with 20 seconds left in the first half. another shot into the endzone was well worth the risk of any loss. it would have whittled the clock down more too.
i thought they should have gone for it in the 4th qtr 1:13 left, on the bills 19, 4th and 3. not a lot of diff 16-7 vs. 19-7, still 2 scores needed. if successful more clock could have been run off. a td makes it 23-7, more than 2 scores with less than a minute. if ya dont make it buff. is still behind the 20 with less than a minute.
carney missing another relatively short 32 ydr
it looked like that mcgee was ready to break every kickoff he touched. should have squibbed it everytime IMO

so another 2-2 great/dreadful schitzophrenic looking team. puhleez lord don't let it be another 8-8 full of this again this year. 12-4 smoking story of the year or 4-12 rid of haz/brooks with a top 5 draft pick before that!
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