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Marvinb6 03-26-2003 10:09 AM

Saints gains and loses
Mitch Berger, P (UFA, STL)
Todd Bouman, QB (trade, MIN)
Kerwin Cook, WR
Chris Finlen, QB
Wayne Gandy, OT (UFA, PIT)
Jake Delhomme, QB (UFA - CAR)
Toby Gowin, P (DAL)
Kyle Turley, OT (STL)

Someone please tell me how this makes our team better ! :casstet:

WhoDat 03-26-2003 10:43 AM

Saints gains and loses
Look out Marvin... believing that the Saints haven\'t done the right thing so far in free agency is a very dangerous view to have. Pretty soon you\'ll have to take cover from the barrage of incoming posts questioning your loyalty, ability to think rationally, and mental and emotional state. God forbid you think that the team won\'t get better without more off-season moves that include higher caliber players... that\'s the ultimate sin on this board.

WhoDat 03-26-2003 10:44 AM

Saints gains and loses
(by the way - just in case you didn\'t know - I have the same feeling about free agency as you seem to - I got crapped on for it, so be careful)

rodjmaw 03-26-2003 04:42 PM

Saints gains and loses
I am not trying to knock anyone opinion but I think we should be patient. The saints in my opinion have made good moves. Right now they\'re no players that stand out that we could pick up without losing draft picks however I would like the saints to pursue Orlandis Gary for a back up role. The conservative approach the saints have made should leave the team w/money to pay JOE HORN and be very aggressive for June 1st cuts.

D_it_up 03-26-2003 05:02 PM

Saints gains and loses
THANK GOODNESS FOR RODJMAW! Patience is the key word. There is still a long way to go before the season starts which means plenty of room for improvement. I agree that the signings we\'ve made haven\'t been truely significant, but we haven\'t gotten worse. Like I\'ve said before, the Saints are in a position to do some things through the draft and have to be holding back for a reason. If they do it is another story. We\'ll all just have to wait and see. I won\'t be so quick to judge them unless they just go and blow it. This still has the potential to be one of the best off-seasons the Saints have had in recent years. It will be hard to top last year\'s draft class, but the possibility is still there. Although the draft is a gamble, there is still the chance that some of the picks can be major players in the Saints turning around the team. We\'ll see what it brings to us when it happens. We just have to be patient.

EDIT: One more thing. Anyone who has been a Saints fan for years, knows what it\'s like to face losing. That makes some of us, hell all of us, to want the change NOW. Sometimes it just doesn\'t work like that. That\'s why I agree with Rodjmaw on being patient.

[Edited on 26/3/2003 by D_it_up]

subguy 03-26-2003 05:25 PM

Saints gains and loses
30 years worth of patience.....................we have not improved in the offseason, no wait I\'m wrong. We have a better punter and a fourth running back, 3 of which are vying for the 3rd string???????????????????

WhoDat 03-26-2003 05:38 PM

Saints gains and loses
OK - let me ask you guys that like that the Saints are being patient something.

If I understand you correctly, you\'re happy that a team with tons of money under the cap did not over pay any of the big name guys early in the off-season who every knows are good players (the Takeo Spikes of the world, if you will). You\'re happy to see them go after marginal players that basically equate to aging vets or giant question marks (with the exception of Gandy and maybe Berger - neither of whom play in our biggest area of need - DEFENSE). Is that right so far?

You believe that the Saints still have the ability to draft players that will come in and make an impact in their first year to improve this defense. Also, you\'re looking forward to the guys that they can pick up later in free agency, particularly after the June cuts. Is that right?

I\'m going to assume that I\'m at least close and continue. With the exception of Tebucky Jones (who may or may not be cut later this off-season) WHO exactly do you see the Saints picking up that will help this team? (By team I mean the defense b/c our offense and special teams are both some of the best in the league)

I just can\'t understand the optimism. Don\'t get me wrong. I don\'t think the Saints should be flinging money around right now. I don\'t think subguy thinks that either. I don\'t want to put words in his mouth, but I\'m upset b/c of their lack of action during the first two or three weeks of the off season when good players were still around. Of course we don\'t want them to blow their money on the crap players still unsigned right now. But that doesn\'t mean that I\'m excited about the June cuts. Again, this is an area I\'m not very versed in - so please tell me who I should be excited about come June.

rodjmaw 03-27-2003 02:29 AM

Saints gains and loses
Whodat, I am not trying to make you feel more confident in the saints choices. The saints made reasonable deals in MY OPINION. Yes, I agree the saints should\'ve pursued Taeko, however noone knew how hot the situation with Turley. I believe the saints was more concern in offering the big money to players already on the team(Turley) and when that sour made the choice to keep the offense intact with signing Gandy.

With 2 1st round pick the saints are doing the right thing in my opioion by staying high above cap going in the draft and signing for depth. NOW REALLY with the exception of Takeo Spikes they\'re know other player (defense only) the saints could\'ve pick up to help the defense. Chris McCalister? lose 2 1st rd picks. Claiborne? highly overrated Colvin? we don\'t need a OLB hmmmm....what is left?

To answer who can get cut that we could pick up (not to be funny) go to and check out the nfc and afc defensive player. Everyone has a chance of being cut. :casstet: Some people on here act like my wife, :hallucine: see money and ready to spend b4 the bills are paid

ssmitty 03-27-2003 05:48 AM

Saints gains and loses
damn, i thought my wife was the only one who saw things that way, that makes me feel so much better..........and don\'t forget the famous line, \"JUST CHARGE IT\" when you don\'t have any money after the bills are reasoning- well, is\'nt this how we got in debt in the first place? her\'s- we\'ll always be in debt, just pay the , is\'nt the scenario like the saints? should we charge it now, gain something new that caught our eyes,(that we definitely know we need) although we will have to pay for it in the future, or save a little, maybe find a bargain or two and pay it off in cash? wishful thinking my wife will see the latter.........but it seems the route the saints are taking for now........a toast to the guy who invented beer and i\'m pretty sure his name was\'nt dixie.......smitty

WhoDat 03-27-2003 08:32 AM

Saints gains and loses
Rod - I agree that resigning our own, like Turley and Horn was, and is, very important. In retrospect, I know I was calling for Spikes like the rest of us, but I don\'t think it would have been a great move. But, you think Spikes was the only good MLB out there? What about Ketih Brooking, Claiborne is a MUCH better value for only a half mil more than we paid Ruff, Levon Kirkland, Shelton Quarles, Mark Simoneau, Nate Webster, and Bernardo Harris were all more talented or as talented and cost the same as Ruff, from what I know.

My point is NOT that I\'m upset that they\'re not throwing money away. Never have I said that. I do think that A - they should have spent to pull in some impact players, yes, and B - that if they\'re really looking for value, they could have found more of it in other places.

Everyone keeps saying that the June cuts are going to be so great and we\'ll be in a wonderful position to sign FAs then. However, from what I see, no one has any idea who is going to be cut. I\'ve heard speculation about two or three guys, but you guys are getting excited for a present you didn\'t open yet. Who knows if it will be key to a new Jag or just a keyring with your name on it?

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