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saintswhodi 10-03-2005 02:42 PM

Did they show the halftime fight on TV?
We were sitting right above the tunnel, and several players just started fighting. I mainly saw Josh Reed going at it with some Saints players, then Sam Adams stpped in,a nd was actually pushing a ref a little. Here is what Dwight Smith said:


Saints safety Dwight Smith called Bills wide receiver Eric Moulds a "coward'' for spitting on one his teammates as the teams walked to their dressing rooms at halftime. Moulds' actions led to a brief skirmish.
-- New Orleans Times-Picayune

I had no idea that's why the fight broke it, but if it is, Moulds just lost all kinda respect from me. I used to like the guy. but I wonder if it was actually Josh Reed since he was doing all the fighting it seemed.

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