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saintswhodi 10-07-2005 12:16 PM

Deuce is loose, kinda.......
Deuce hasn't set the world on fire yet, but he has done better than some other RBs predicted to do well this season. He has more yards than Lamont Jordan, Fred Taylor, Mike Anderson, Clinton Portis, Curtis Martin, Corey Dillon, etc. etc. He is 12th in the league in yards right now, not too bad for such a slow start. Here's to hoping the Bills game starts a run of 9 or more straight like he did in 2003 over 100 yards and carries us to some wins.

papz 10-07-2005 12:38 PM

We definately should expect 100 yards from Deuce against GreenBay. There defense is absolutely horrid and hopefully we will exploit that. Deuce should continue to build on his second half performance against the Bills and lead us to victory.


saintswhodi 10-07-2005 01:53 PM

I'm counting on 200 from Deuce. Or close to it. Over 150 at least. With 2 TDs, or 1 TD for him and 1 for Smith. What's the deal with Stecker? Can we get this dude in on a screen pass or something?

SaintStoneyMount 10-07-2005 07:00 PM

I just hope last weeks fourth quarter performance is a sign of things to come from Deuce.

LKelley67 10-07-2005 07:16 PM

before the 4th quarter last week my worry about deuce was still increasing. it looks like some poor game planning- up the middle, up the middle, and fall over doing 2-3 yds. the O-line execution hasn't what we expected either. but then in the 4th qtr. when they should have been keying on him all the more he starts bouncing outside, then getting thru inside. i dunno how much was how poor the bills D was, how tired they were, and how much it was deuce on the loose. i'm hoping though. it is another weakling run D to hit in GB tho. i think a good first qtr will be even more important. knock the wind out of them and they will have a hard time getting up again when it looks like 0-5. conversely, give'em some momentum and they will be revved to get a first win.

lumm0x 10-07-2005 08:45 PM

Stecker has a bum ankle I believe. I agree the Pack has a pitiful D, but given all factors, they're better vs. the run. I think banging Deuce early and alot will be a long term key. I can see him going 15 for 50 in the first half and I may just be happy about that. It'll keep the safeties in the box in the 2nd half and I really don't buy that the Packers secondary has a shot in man on any of our matchups. Then once again, last 3 minutes Deuce gets his gravy carries.

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