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saintz08 08-14-2002 01:44 AM

Brooks - At it again
Brooks latest statement :

"I don't think they should have waited to renegotiate my contract , " Brooks said tuesday . " I don't accept that they had to get the others done first . I'd think they would want to keep me happy and show that they appreciate me , but they have not done it ."

Brooks said " Ask them why they're not showing me respect after all I've done for them . "

These are some key phrases from a recent article written for espn . com . Found on the web site .

It is rather interesting how Brooks does not take into account the major management transition , the need to get rookies into camp or the fact that an offer was made of 20 million with a 6 million signing bonus .

He only see's the fact that they should have made him happy . WOW !!!

Brooks has team leader written all over him ...

wcassady 08-14-2002 07:37 AM

Brooks - At it again
That sounds like a rehash of the same quotes he made the first day back in training camp. Childish and selfish but a grain of truth there.

whodatsaintsfan26 08-14-2002 08:25 PM

Brooks - At it again
I agree with what saintz08 has been saying about AB\'s leadership abilities. A team leader doesnt hold out of camp and cry about his contract. Joe Horn is unhappy with his contract also but he shows up and plays everyday without crying about it. I hope AB realizes that he is just making himself look bad everytime he crys about not getting paid. Show me the production and the money will come

saintz08 08-15-2002 12:05 AM

Brooks - At it again
I suppose it never even enters Brooks mind that if it was not for the Saints taking a chance on Brooks , he would probably still be in Green bay riding pine as a back up to Favre ???

I suppose it never enters his mind that Mc Carthy had to reconfiigure the offense to accomodate his lack of judgement ???

I suppose it never enters his mind how he failed to lead his team out of a four game slide ???

All that enters his mind is show me the money ... NOW !!!

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Rich 08-15-2002 03:18 AM

Brooks - At it again
Doesn\'t anybody wonder why Brooks is so frustrated about not having a new contract yet.

Could it be that he is not certain that he will produce this season and will have to take less at the end of the season.

If I were in his shoes I would wait until the end of the season and than start complaining about not having a new deal yet, it would give me much more leverage since other teams would start courting me.

But then again I would have to have a great season and maybe Brooks is not sure he will...

redd0g70 08-15-2002 04:33 AM

Brooks - At it again
personally i believe in brooks. I think that he is a good quaterback and will be a great quarterback in the future. There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to get the job done this year. But on the other hand i do understand what you guys are saying when he is being selfish. He should just let his agent talk for him. I think by coming out and saying what he is saying is lowering his value. He needs to shut up. He is going to get a good contract.

Aaron Brooks#1

saintz08 08-15-2002 10:40 AM

Brooks - At it again
I have held back this one to long .

The reason why Brooks is carrying on and on is this .

And yes gentlemen , the Dirty Birds have found another way to cause the Saints misery .

Cousin Vick in Atlanta .

Vick , got the big check , the fancy house and the nice ride , for riding the pine and learning . Vick probably rubbed Brooks the wrong way at a family get together and told him how the Saints are not doing him right .

I say someone strap a pork chop around Vicks neck , when they play the Saints and he can spend 4 quarters running for his life screaming


MississippiSaint 08-21-2002 10:34 PM

Brooks - At it again
I am sick of hearing his complaining. Each and everyone of us would trade places with him in a heart beat. If I were Loomis I would let him play out the season. If he does good, give him the money. If he does bad, make room for Eli Manning on this team.

[Edited on 22/8/2002 by MississippiSaint]

whodatsaintsfan26 08-21-2002 10:48 PM

Brooks - At it again
I just want to Saints to sign him so he would shut up. Quit crying and start leading your team. I like Aaron and hope he stays, but I just wish he would shut up.

P.S. there is no way Eli Manning will be a Saint. As much as I would like to see a Manning back in black and gold it just wont happen.

MississippiSaint 08-21-2002 10:58 PM

Brooks - At it again

there is no way Eli Manning will be a Saint. As much as I would like to see a Manning back in black and gold it just wont happen.

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