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pakowitz 03-27-2003 12:53 AM mock draft III


WhoDat 03-27-2003 08:16 AM mock draft III
I\'ll take that draft any day. Although, I still think something needs to get done about the D-line. The more I hear about Boss Bailey the more I like him. I saw him play once this year and was impressed, but wasn\'t as impressed as I was with Henderson. However, this off-season is leading me to believe that Bailey is the better pick. Let\'s hope that\'s the scouts talking and not his agent.

Let me ask you - if we do go after CB and LB in the draft, do you think we\'ll use our number 2 to draft a DT, or would it be better to go after someone like Chester McGlockton, who is still out there, after the draft when we should have more money than anyone else?

WhoDat 03-27-2003 09:35 AM mock draft III
What are the odds that Doss falls to us in the second round? I like that guy a lot. If what cnnsi is suggesting happens, that gives us Trufant, Bailey, and Doss... if he falls that low. That\'s freaking great. Go sign a DT and run with it. Still concerned about how such a young defense will perform (two or three rookies, Mitchell, Craver, Grant\'s in his second year, Ruff - first year with the team, Carter - 9th game with the team, Allen and Hodge have limited time as starters, Jackson\'s in his second year with the team...)

BlackandBlue 03-27-2003 12:03 PM mock draft III
I\'ve read where scouts say that there are about 8-10 players that will have an immeadiate impact on thier team, Trufant being one of those. I\'ve been saying this forever, there is NO way Trufant falls out of the top 10, NO WAY.
Bailey has the chance to be a freak, he\'s a linebacker with a 42\" vert... A 42\" VERT!!!! They say he\'s a better athlete than his brother, but the downside is he has been plagued with some injuries.

iceshack149 03-27-2003 04:54 PM mock draft III
That\'s a good looking first round. I hope that Baily makes it to our #18 pick. According to this mock draft, five DT\'s go before #18. If he is still available and we get him, wonderful.
Will there be any defensive coordinators available in this years draft?

BlackandBlue 03-27-2003 04:57 PM mock draft III

Will there be any defensive coordinators available in this years draft?
heh hehehehehehehehehehehehhehehe

ssmitty 03-27-2003 05:57 PM mock draft III
the saints have already said it this year, and did it last year. they will go for the best player on the board, not for need. it\'s a shame they did not develope that attitude a long time ago........many loyal fans have gone to their graves waiting for the saints to win the super bowl, and i\'m in line......what\'s been fun the past few years in dallas is taking away cases of beers from neighbors who thunk the cowboys would do better......the more i think about it, the more i\'m convinced had the saints had a good conditioning coach, we may have gone further, but then again i was hoping they would have put in jake too.........and now, a walk down memory lane.......2nd and 13 the saints at the cardinals 33 yd line, billy kilmer takes the snap and looks deep down the middle of the field......he lets fly one of his infamous wobble balls as far as he can throw it and with a defender hanging to the left leg of wideout flea roberts for dear life, he still makes the catch, shakes him off and scores..................who among you still misses tulane stadium? smitty

BlackandBlue 03-27-2003 06:52 PM mock draft III
Another Saints fan stuck in Dallas? I thought I was the only one. Seriously, take a stroll through Ben\'s Half-Yard house on a Sunday and you KNOW there are a ton over here.
If you listen to the Ticket, Norm was talking earlier today about the teams he thought made the greatest strides in FA. He mentioned Carolina, Atlanta, and Buffalo. He even went so far as to say that Buffalo and Carolina would have 22 wins between them. Norm is a weird guy, but he is very rarely wrong, and I value you his opinion. That does not bode well for us.

ssmitty 03-28-2003 06:05 AM mock draft III
the road to the superbowl crossed the nfc south this year, and i see no reason other teams won\'t have to cross it this year.......i am north of dallas, in plano, but work in dallas everyday. where is bens? and are n.o. people there every sunday or just during the football season? althought i do listen to the ticket, norm is like listening to fingernails on the blackboard most of the time.......i use to go to the big easy(good muffs) but they stopped showing the saints games so i settled for humps for now......i\'ll catch up with you one sunday and buy the 1st, back to da my opinion, the nfc south was the powerhouse last year and if the rams had been in it we might have had that extra win to advance to the playoffs.......carolina played some good ball last year and you just have to look out for vick this year.....bucks won the sb and us, well, wait til next yr, is still the saying right? in fact if you put that on a teeshirt in n.o.( i have\'nt seen that one), you could probably make a ton of, in whodats defense i will say this, other teams in the past, dallas and sf come to mind, have bought superbowls, flat out bought them......but, that\'s so much harder to do with the cap now......although it would put many smiles on fan\'s faces to sign the high dollar proven vets, how many can each team afford? purcells has proven the draft is the way to go in the past and i\'ll bet anyone he\'ll try to get more picks this year. who among you can honestly say this is not the best all around saints team since they started? this is why i\'m happy about the saints situation right now....... take care b&b smitty

BlackandBlue 03-28-2003 07:47 AM mock draft III
Heh, I\'m the exact opposite, I work in Plano and live in Dallas. Big Easy- love that gumbo and catfish platter...muff\'s are good too. Ben\'s is down on Greenville near Walnut Hill. It\'s packed every Saturday because he shows LSU games on the bigscreen, and every Sunday cause he shows the Saints on the big screen. Cool place, with good beer and better hamburgers.

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