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frankeefrank 10-09-2005 01:24 PM

Did AB just slide 1 yard short of a first?

This will be my last post ever...
As I am killing myself

CheramieIII 10-09-2005 01:34 PM

RE: Did AB just slide 1 yard short of a first?
Every Saints fan in the world feels the same way Frankee.

TheGambler 10-09-2005 07:06 PM

That's something that bothers me about Brooks as well......I've seen him do that "short slide" a few other times..

I don't think it's been mentioned before, because the other times I noticed him do it, the Saints have happened to win that particular game...

But he needs to cut that s--t out.

BrooksMustGo 10-09-2005 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by BlackonBlack
too bad AB doesn't have the yellow line across the screen view the typical know it all does.

Yeah, but fortunately he does have the big orange first down markers on the sideline. :roll:

I wonder when the coaching staff and front office will have had enough of the rookie mistakes from a 6 year veteran. Looks to me like AB will retire before there is ever any accountability.

frankeefrank 10-10-2005 02:55 AM

B and B,
Your statement about the line is ridiculous.
Of course I know there isn't one on the field... But don't insult my intelligence or yours.
Nut, Good players know where the line is...
That's why they are good.
AB did it vs. BUF, and he did it vs. GB
That is a pattern.
I guess it is me against AB when I expect my QB to get a first down running at all costs b/c he can't throw for one.

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