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spkb25 10-10-2005 02:51 AM

we are just bad
1. coaching staff nees to go. i would like to see them fired today.
2. brooks sucks
3. the defense just let up um 38 points. they suck
4. i am pretty sure each o-linemen had a penalty yetserday. they suck

we are undisciplined and have no emotion. i think we lack talent also. there is no doubt in my mind we lack talent despite the constant talk of how much we have. good teams don't lose. the unfortunate reality is that we just are not a good football team. these are the guys haz wants. this is his team top to bottom. they stink. what is this his 6th season. dude you can't turn it around by then and you lose to a team that hasn't won yet 52-3. he should be fired today. i don't want us to win this year because we will have the same product next year. the good thing is i think we are so bad now that there is no way we can win.

Halo 10-10-2005 07:57 AM

RE: we are just bad
We just get out coached man. All that stuff you list, I'm telling you our players go to other teams, are fired up, play better etc. Been seeing this since the tail end of the Mora era. I think somebody like the owner driving around in the gulf cart may be too involved and thinks he knows football. I'm telling you this all starts way a the top. :beatnik:

SapperSaint 10-10-2005 08:04 AM

RE: we are just bad
That is exactlly what I said earlier HALO. Benson has surrounded himself with failure.

I don't remember who wrote the remark about a month ago but this is the gist of what he said....

Benson has continued to keep Haz and staff along with AB in order to let the fans get so frustrated that merchendise and ticket sales drop so it will be economiclly and finacially better and easier to move the team.

Sound far fetched, but is the only thing that makes sense the Saints are doing.

spkb25 10-10-2005 07:29 PM

RE: we are just bad
i would agree except there are teams like the eagles that are further under the cap then us. sorry this to me isn't ownership. to me this is coaching and talent.

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