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kevinn1972 10-10-2005 08:54 AM

It's all a plot by the man
I mean seriously. Somehow, someway, in all of the years that the Saints have been in existence, shouldn't we have at some point at least accidentally made to at least a conference championship game? This has got to be some type of preconceived plan. Trent friggin Dilfer won a Super Bowl!!!!! The friggin Bucs won a Super Bowl!!!!!!! I'M SO SICK OF THIS S#!T!!!!!!!! Sometimes, on Sunday, I'll be sitting on my couch watching Sunday Ticket, which I wasted a couple of hundred clams on so that I can watch my pathetic team, and I'll look up at my ceiling and wonder if God is just having some fun with me. I believe that this is all a plan by a rich guy to keep us po' folks feeling helpless. It's got to be something along those lines, because there is no way in hell that this is the product of people that are supposed to be experts in their field. No way that people are TRYING, year after year, and this is the end product. People get PAID to make decisions that are supposed to ensure the success of this organization. Educated people. People with experience in this field. HOW DOES THIS CONTINUE TO HAPPEN IF IT IS NOT THE MASTER PLAN OF SOMEBODY WITH NO HEART!!!!!!!!!! I continue to wonder why I keep being a fan of this team. If my wife stabbed me in the heart every Sunday, I would leave the b$#@h!!! But, every Sunday, I watch this sad sack of a football team even though year in and year out they stab me in the heart. Is it possible for crack to ooze through your picture screen? It's got to be because I have no other excuses for why I keep coming back!

There, now I'm done. I have to take my meds.

yasoon 10-10-2005 09:42 AM

I had a post after the Minny game titled "I'm in an abusive relationship"

I feel your pain man. The thing is...if you're a true fan, you can't just say "I'll be a Pats fan now." or "This Vick kid is my new favorite player." It's in your's the team you love. You can't change it if you truly are passionate about your team.

You can hate the owner, the coach can drive you crazy, the QB can make your head spin, but you still love the Saints. Sad, I know.

Jump on the chat on sundays. It's like AA for Saints fans :)

me: "I'm yasoon and I'm a Saints fan"
everyone else: "Hi yasoon"

gandhi1007 10-11-2005 11:01 AM

Think about this. We had Randy Mueller-GM building something special: brings Joe Horn in, drafts Deuce McAllister, Kyle Turley, LeCharles Bentley. These are actually good picks (something we haven't seen under Haslett). And what happens? They fire his ass! Do you really think Benson cares about winning! I think not! All he wants is enough talent on the team to get us believing again so he can sell tickets. It's a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Euphoria 10-11-2005 12:27 PM

UHM, Joe Horn, Deuce, Turley, Bently... all happened under Haslett.

stockman311 10-11-2005 12:38 PM

So did Albert Conwell, the Willie Roaf/Joe Horn Fiasco, Dale Carter, Jonathan Sullivan, Grady Jackson, Norman Hand, Tebucky Jones, etc.....
Should I continue?

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