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FrenzyFan 10-16-2005 03:35 PM

Falcon's MVP
An all pro performance today by Atlanta Falcon's MVP candidate, Ignorant Zebra. With an ease bred by long years of confidence, Zebra threw his flag with frightening precision. Just as awe inspiring were the times Ignorant refrained.

"All in all, we couldn'ta done it with Zebra, man." said Atlanta Quarterback Michael Vick, "He was on fire for us today."

Zebra accounted for 10 point late in the first half, seven on a beautiful flagging on Saints' receiver Hakim.

"That was a tough one," said Ignorant, "but it was clear to me that DeAngelo deserved some love for the acting job. It was first rate."

Just a few plays later, Zebra showed his stuff again. On the field goal try by the Saints, and in the face of a blatant leverage play by the Atlanta defense, Zebra held his flag.

"Everyone could see that one," said coach Jim Mora, "and it took a lot of guts not to throw that flag. I admire Zebra for that one most of all."

Ignorant Zebra's final call was perhaps the most dramatic, though Zebra himself downplayed it with typical modesty,

"There ain't no way I was gonna allow Vick to lose that game. He's the greatest, man."

A great game by a great player. These are defining moments in the career of a legendary player, and today was one of them for Ignorant Zebra. The 20 point swing he single-handedly gave the Atlanta Falcons shows clearly why he is the Atlanta MVP.

bayouking318 10-16-2005 03:39 PM

RE: Falcon
I would laugh if it didn't hurt so bad...

CHACHING 10-16-2005 08:33 PM

RE: Falcon
I'm laffin....but why didn't Haz throw the red flag...
would've probably been reversed....
coaching sucks....

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