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Euphoria 10-20-2005 05:31 PM

anyone still buying we were robbed last week?
After listening to the guy who is in charge of all officiation in the league last night... picking apart both field goals in question of last weeks Saints/falcons game. Apparently you can use your opponets back to jump on, over, and leverage as long as you aren't using your opponets back to move "UP-WARD" to attempt to block a kick. Once the player has cleared the opponets back and established yourself you then can go "up-ward" to block the kick.

The other where the hold was called on us... I still don't by that call at all, I see nothing wrong with it and I sure would like to see the Patriots/Falcons game where the same tactic was used and it was fair play. One offense a defensive lineman can use his hands to move an offensive player to the side so he can make a play. Kicking team is still considered offense and Kick return/block is still defense and the same rules should apply.

Makes you think about the coaching on the team, if its wrong and against the rules you should not make - create a play that is against the rules. If someone gets away with it one week doesn't mean you can do it also. Even though I am against the calls, this just adds fuel to the fire that our coaches SUCK.

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