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bayouking318 10-23-2005 03:16 PM

officials revenge
what a way to lose a game

BoudinSandwich 10-23-2005 03:27 PM

RE: officials revenge
Are you kidding me? The Saints could be 4-3! They should just quit. The entire team (including Haslett) should just refuse to show up anywhere. Just forfeit the rest of the season.

They can't even win when they win!

CheramieIII 10-23-2005 03:33 PM

RE: officials revenge
Sorry to say but Beating Carolina was a fluke and we were only one play away from Losing to Buffalo.

BoudinSandwich 10-23-2005 03:40 PM

RE: officials revenge
The Rams and Falcons were only a play away from losing to us.
The results:
Winning them all - 4-3
Winning only the ones that we literally won - 2-5
Losing the "flukes" to Carolina and Buffalo - 0-7

Its just rediculous. I hate the way this league works.

Euphoria 10-23-2005 04:44 PM

RE: officials revenge
I always believed that takes talent coaching and the Football Gods have to shine on you as well... and he hasn't shined on us in a long time.

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