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yasoon 10-24-2005 09:24 AM

Video of the Conwell play?
I was driving back from MS yesterday. Listened to the 1st half on 870, then lost the signal. I was on the phone with my buddy doing play by play when the crazy play happened. From everything that I have heard, they should have at very least reviewed the play. (They have reviewed obvious correct calls inside of 2 minutes many times when I was watching.)
Can someone point me to a video link?

And how do we not have a timeout there?

It sounds like we got hosed again. also sounds like we're still the worst coached team in the NFL. Carney has to go. I can take this any more. The Saints used to be automatic on almost every FG, now there is actually a chance of the other team scoring on every FG. Illegal formation on the 1st play of the game? Sloppy fake FG. No timeouts on the final drive when you could have maybe called one to let the booth look at the play. (Sometimes it helps to delay a bit when it's up to the booth to review it.)

I can't understand the NFL. After last week, how can they not at least take a look at the decisive play? I thought we would at least get fair treatment this year, but it seems that it's worse than ever. We could easily be 4-3 now, with a 2-0 mark in the division. Instead, our season is in the toilet. Just amazing. I know it's not all on the officials, the Saints should have salted this one away in the 3rd Qtr...but damn.

And what is our reverse to turnover ratio? It NEVER works and we usually fumble. Scrap it. I'm so f*&king frustrated.

Euphoria 10-24-2005 09:31 AM

RE: Video of the Conwell play?
There is not booth review outside of the 2 minutes... seems like every play should be reviewed. All the time outs were spent trying to get the ball back.

yasoon 10-24-2005 09:35 AM

The play ended inside of 2 minutes. Should have been a booth review as I understand it.

saintswhodi 10-24-2005 09:40 AM

Just like I laid blame at giving up 21 unearned points to Atlanta last week, I lay blame at only scoring three F#$%ing points after the first quarter. Just like last week I laid half the blame on playcalling when we were tied 24-24 with Atlanta and Brooks threw an INT off a bad pass even after we were running the ball at will on Atlanta, I lay 50% blame on Donte's fumble on playcalling. Reverses are for the 1st-3rd quarters, not the 4th when you are trying to win. Bootlegs, yes. Reverses, hell no. Just another stupid playcall at the end of the game. Run straight ahead, play action, trap. counter, or bootleg. A reverse???? Give me a freaking break. And is anyone else upset about seeing Mike McKenzie get burned by Kevin Curtis? This is our shutdown corner? All it takes is speed to beat him it seems. Why must this team continually take huge craps on the field? How does Halett even have a job today? Bulger, Holt, Bruce, and Little were out today. 4 freaking pro bowlers. You have to be kidding me.

TallySaint 10-24-2005 09:41 AM


Euphoria 10-24-2005 09:43 AM

It doesn't matter when the play ends it matters when it started. After you officially get the 2 min. warning. I checked on that already.

They are so worried and scared of a field goal now that they rather go for a 4th down than kick a FG...

yasoon 10-24-2005 10:08 AM

I wasn't sure about that Euph. The video on isn't terribly decisive.

I really am sad today. This season could not possibly be any worse. And whodi is right....we should have never been in the situation we were in. We had control of the game.

I saw this week's blocked kick...looked to me like the dude just stood there and blocked it cuz the trajectory was so low. Carney blows.

I gues our offense just mailed it in after the 1st against one of the worst defenses in the league.
Our coaches are terrilble. That fake was just so laughable. Why would you run a sneak there? Let's see...the goal of the D on a FG is to get a push up the middle and maybe send a runner around the end. So...there will always be bodies in the center of the line...making a QB sneak the worst possible call. Amazing. That's where the game turned, just like last week.

When is the last time anyone saw NFL special teams this bad? Carney only makes 20 yarders now. What was the stat? 2 of his last 8 with 2 blocks.....something like that.

Think about this..... We have given up 5 non offensive TDs in the last 3 games....and none of them are kick returns. At the same time....when is the last time we scored a non offensive TD? The stecker kick return last year?

I would blame it on our situation were it not for the history of this team under Haz. I'm sure people will say "the beleaguered NO Saints". But, in reality, this is the Jim Haslett Saints. I really don't see a damn thing different. No discipline, mental errors, bad situational play calling and bad luck. Top it off with the fact that this team is at least 50/50 to be leaving the state and you've got yourself the most heartbreaking season ever.

And for those of you saying "we'll just grab an expansion team", you can forget about that. The league doesn't like us now, what makes you think they'll throw us a bone later?

This sux so bad. So many great fans, a town of such undeniable character and resolve. And a football team that rubs salt in an already festering wound. On top of that, we can't get a break in a year where I really thought we might get a few. Yesterday, i literally had to look at my daughter, my wife, my job, my new home and say..."forget the Saints. stop letting them ruin your worldview. You have a good life and a lot to be thankful for. It's just a football game."

It sure feels like more than that. I love this team so much...I root for them so hard. Harder than Michigan and I've rooted for them since I was 4 years old (born just outside of Ann Arbor).

Why do the Saints inspire such loyalty and passion? I have no idea. It's like loving a fat girl because of her personality and then catching her with the milkman......

BoudinSandwich 10-24-2005 10:23 AM

As far as the blocked kicks go both times the snap was either too high or too low. Our entire special teams unit is bad. Our kick returners can't get a block to save their lives and we get flagged on nearly every play. Yes, Carney missed some kicks that were strictly on him, but I bet you half of the missed field goals were due to bad snaps, bad placement, and lack of protection.

saintswhodi 10-24-2005 10:27 AM

I feel ya yasoon. And just like you said, this isn't the "beleaguered" New Orleans Saints, this is the Jim Haslett Saints. They had a graphic before the game that showed 79 of the 133 total points this team has given up came from turnovers. WHAT?!?!?! That leaves 54 legitimate points scored on us, or 8 per game. I.E. we stop killing ourselves, we WIN WIN WIN. When is the coach held accountable for this crap? After the game, that makes it 93 of 161 points given up off turnovers. Or 57.7%. Unbelievable. Really unbelievable. Every team we have lost to should be mailing our offense and special teams gift baskets for their Ws.

yasoon 10-24-2005 10:40 AM

Well, apparently, it is in everybody's best interest (other than the players/coaches/fans) for this team to lose. The owner wants us to lose, the NFL wants us to lose, the media wants us to lose.

So, here we are, on an island, with little arm floaties and slingshots while the people against us fly by dropping bombs from C130s and laughing at us.

And DJ....I know what you're saying about the snaps, but I don't care. This old man has dead leg if I ever saw it. He should have never survived the missed extra point at Jville. 2 out of his last 8? Those are high school numbers. So throw out a couple of bad snaps and he's still hitting 33%.

Another thing...gleason finally breaks the lineup. WOW. Nobody is even talking about injuries. The Saints are just getting slaughtered by the football gods.

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