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mjf150 11-02-2005 07:55 AM

Did anyone notice?
Did anyone catch on to the fact that the announcers refused to blame Brooks for anything that went wrong in Sunday's game?
Exhibit A: When Brooks threw the interception, they blamed Henderson for not being in position.
Exhibit B: When Brooks made one of two fumbles, they claimed that the RB knocked it out of his hand when it was clear there was no contact.
Exhibit C: When Brooks took the safety, they blamed Stecker for not fielding the ball on the kickoff - the kickoff!
This is part of the problem, not the solution. Brooks never has had to step up and be held accountable for his poor play.

saintswhodi 11-02-2005 09:03 AM

Dude, those announcers were jocking Brooks before the game even started. Two nimrods. Before the game, they showed a graphic on Frerotte and his passer rating of 60 somethign and said he needed to play better. I fully expected them to do the same with Brooks cause his passer rating as well was 60 something. Uh uh. They played up how many yards he had thrown for or something. When he threw balls in the dirt, they totally ignored it. Worst announcers ever. I don't know how much Aaron paid them before the game, but it was sad. Towards the second half they started to come around to how bad he plays, especially after the 25 yard sack. But the first half was almost intolerable. It was, at best, pathetic. That's what happens when you get the 8th team announcers.

Euphoria 11-02-2005 09:47 AM

You can critize Brooks all you like but nothing changes the fact that the team sucks. WR's are sucking, OL sucking, DL sucking, DB's sucking, ST's sucking. Henderson DID NOT GET INTO POSITION!!! He was suppose to get between the DB and the QB and all he did was sit behind the DB and on a timing route Brooks has to rely on the WR to be there, to GET THERE and he didn't. You can't give Brooks 100 percent at being at fault there. Brooks if frustrated being chased all day and WR's not there... the whole cookie is crumbling.

Its obvious some people here have an agenda here but look at the big picture here the team sucks. If we were losing because one person I would be with you but the whole team sucks.

mjf150 11-02-2005 10:14 AM

Whoa, whoa. I did not say that it is all Brooks' fault. I just said that the announcers refused to assign him any of the blame. Don't get all upset.

yasoon 11-02-2005 10:40 AM

It's obvious that people have an agenda?

Your agenda is to defend AB hell or high water.

I call em like I see em and AB played a terrible game last week. That's 7 quarters without a TD.

That has nothing to do with our defense. Were we going to win 6-3 ? That is what you are saying when you blame the defense. Why not go check out some stats on how often 6 points wins an NFL game. AB gave the other team 5 points (2 on the safety and 3 on the huge loss at the end of the half that set up the FG) and he led the O to 6 points. So, I guess you're right....he did score more points than he gave up.

The O line was not very good in protection this week, but you say that every week so that argument is hollow.

AB embodies everything that is wrong with this team. He is not the sole cause of the problems, but he is the poster boy for the erratic and stupid play of this team.

You will not see pro QBs run backwards like AB, you will not see them fumble a snap almost every game, you will not see them consistently set guys up to get smeared like AB. Yes the guy makes some beautiful throws over the course of the game and sometimes the recievers drop them, but he never bounces back from a drop. He compounds the problems instead of steering the ship and getting over the problems. You will see that AB often follows drops with BIG mistakes. He takes 8 step drops on 3 step drops. You blame the O line? Yes, in some cases. But, if you're gameplanning for the Saints you know that you can take a really wide, deep approach because he will consistently be further back in the pocket than he should be. When the ends come around the corner, you step into the pocket and shift to a side if you have to.

I don't know why I bother, but this AB crap drives me crazy.

Are the Saints the Saints? Yes. They make amazingly weird plays that don't always deal with AB. The Smith interception could have really gone a long way, but Fred tackled him. I've never seen anything like that.....All I can say is welcome to the Saints Dwight, this is what we do. That was not AB's fault and I was happy that the D hunkered down and only gave up 3. That was a spot where they really could have been deflated.

I was operating under the assumption that the offense could and would score. I was wrong. Who is to blame for our offensive woes? It's the freaking NFL and in the big leagues, that falls on your boy AB. I've seen enough. I'm ready for Amac so I can see rookie mistakes made by a rookie, not the guy with the 2nd longest active streak of starts. 63 yards of losses? You just can't coach that kind of nonsense. Happy trails AB, I've seen enough.

And Euph, get that AB jock out of your's really clouding your vision. If you can tell me that 6 points is acceptable output by this offense against a team missing multiple probowlers, then you have alot to learn about the game of football.

saintswhodi 11-02-2005 11:25 AM

Add to that, please stop with the BS of the Devery route. It was clear he was heading back towards the sideline on the route, WHY? C.A.U.S.E. T.H.E. C.B. H.A.D. J.U.M.P.E.D. T.H.E. R.O.U.T.E.!!!!!! After fumbles blindly threw the pass, he had to tackel the defender, or should he have kept going towards the sideline. That route was eaten up. But that's not even what this thread is about. This is the ONLY game the OL had been this terrible. Even with that, there were times Brooks had time to throw the ball, and he still looked like a clown. That's Brooks. Like yasoon said, he epitomizes everything that is wrong with this team, and he exacerbates(sp?) mistakes to the NTH degree. Get off his jock. you are like the boy who cried wolf. It's always A-Z's fault, but never AB's. Please.

Euphoria 11-02-2005 11:36 AM

if he was breaking toward the sidelines he wouldn't have been behind the CB and the CB would have been off to the races. Devery would have been out of position to make a tackle so quick... hello.\

The second thing Devery did wrong was he should have taken off on a fly route if they were playing him up close.

saintswhodi 11-02-2005 12:07 PM


if he was breaking toward the sidelines he wouldn't have been behind the CB and the CB would have been off to the races. Devery would have been out of position to make a tackle so quick... hello.\
Are you kidding me? He had barely stopped his route to make the move before Brooksie threw the ball. I am gonna say this again, you obviously did not see the play more than once, at super fast speed. Since that is the case, I would ask that you stop speaking on it. You have no idea what you are saying.

Two, if he was BEHIND the CB, why did Brooks throw the ball out in front of him? Is it good practice for a QB to throw the ball where the defender is and not where the receiver is? you are killing your own argument.


The second thing Devery did wrong was he should have taken off on a fly route if they were playing him up close.
This shows that you prob did not see the play at all. Before the snap, the CB was not playing him close. After the snap, after Devery's free release, as he was taking his 3-5 steps before breaking into the slant, the CB jumped to the inside. Devery didn't even have a chance to go into the slant, cause the CB was there. He seemed to be breaking to the outside, but then the ball was thrown, INT and he made the tackle. I think the more you attempt to make this appear to be Devery's fault, the more it shows you didn't even see the play and are going by what someone told you.

Euphoria 11-02-2005 01:06 PM

You can ask all you like... Henderson is suppose to break infront of the DB not sit down behind him... Henderson should have came in front of the CD and the ball would have been there, its called a timing route! You can ask all you like...

Euphoria 11-02-2005 01:14 PM

Re: Did anyone notice?

Originally Posted by mjf150
Exhibit A: When Brooks threw the interception, they blamed Henderson for not being in position.


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