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WhoDat 04-04-2003 06:21 PM

I highly recommend that you all run out and get the May '03 Discover Magazine. There's an incredible article about a company which has built and is testing a mchine that can turn pretty much any waste imaginable into oil, natural gas, and minerals. It basically does the same thing that the earth does to convert plant and other organic matter into oil - it exerts very high temperatures and pressure... but this machine does it in a matter of hours with just about anything imaginable... computers, harbor-dredged muck, infectious medical waste, tires, garbage, biological weapons...

They estimate that the US agricultural waste alone could yield 4 Billion barrels of oil a year (we import 4.2 Billion barrels - so bye bye middle east). It also produces cleaner fuels that don't pollute as much (less global warming) and help to deal with a problem we already have... what to do with our garbage. It's amazing.

100 pounds of plastic bottles would yield 70 pound of oil, 16 pounds of natural gas, 6 pounds of carbon solids, and 8 pound of sterilized water.

100 pounds of sewage would yield 26 pounds of oil, 9 pounds of gas, 8 pounds of carbon and mineral solids, and 57 pounds of water...

Go buy this it's unreal.

billyh1026 04-05-2003 04:39 PM

9 pounds of gas out of 100 pounds of sewage....for some reason I find that just funny...

This is the kind of technology that\'ll evolve and help us move off this rock and turn it into a penal colony. Amazing how many people don\'t think we\'re leaving this place. There\'s a reason we shoot people into space now....

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