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blackwidows 11-07-2005 05:53 PM

Just to let you know there has to be a percentage
What i'm saying is this i'm not sure what the percentage is but if 9 teams disapprove of the move you cannot move your team. ESPN has reported Saturday that inside sources from the leauge have said they would support Benson selling the team before they would him moving it. So that means that He would give the franchise toRita his daughter since it was in his will for her to inherit the team. Another thing is if not that theres a possibility he would sell. As far as the Los angeles option Benson would have to sell the team because it has been stated that Los Angeles wants an owner with Orange county roots. Someone that grew up in Los Angeles or the Los Angeles Area. So a move will not happen hopefully this will end all this moving talk.

now don't jump to conclusions but espn also reported they thought benson would exercise the lease termination clause and he didn't. So this is just a lesson you can't beleive everthing you here. I do beleive that 9 teams would veto benson's plans to move though. you know what happens than scroll above. geaux saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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