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pakowitz 04-08-2003 01:31 AM Saints Team Report

April 6, 2003

The safeties search is focused on Anthony Dorsett, Lethon Flowers, Victor Green and Arturo Freeman. The club will sign two veterans and draft a prospect in the first three rounds.

The new players will compete with Mel Mitchell and Jay Bellamy. Both starting spots are open. ...

T Victor Riley reported to the offseason conditioning program at 328 pounds, down from 350. Riley's potential is unfulfilled, but his renewed commitment may mean the team will let Jerry Fontenot leave as a free agent. Then it could move Kendyl Jacox to center and Spencer Folau to left guard, with Riley on the right.


The team will build around Es Darren Howard and Charles Grant. It hopes to improve the unit's speed with as many as five new starters.

Six projected starters are 26 or younger, so coordinator Rick Venturi will simplify the scheme and reduce the coverages and alignments. The idea is to get the defense to play fast and not think too much.

BlackandBlue 04-08-2003 08:59 AM Saints Team Report
If Riley were to come back from the offseason and actually fill out his potential, that could be the best thing for the Saints, period. He was supposed to be this monster on the field, but has fallen short, for some reason.

WhoDat 04-08-2003 10:59 AM Saints Team Report
Six starters are younger than 26 with more draftees coming in (none of whom will start though, if you believe Pak\'s other post). Unreal. So the defense will be great in three or four years after we lost all of our offensive talent.... Just kidding guys, just kidding.

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