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dberce1 11-14-2005 08:53 PM

It was a snippet on a page, so I'll just post the whole article:

Saving the SaintsA lot of you have may have read about my involvement in trying to save the Saints or of being part of a group trying to buy them for the sole reason of keeping them in Louisiana. I haven't been appointed by anybody, I've just made it my job to be the voice of the people and made myself the ambassador. I've taken it upon myself to try to help save the Saints.

This is me talking. If we lose the Saints, we aren't going to get another team in Louisiana. I am a local boy and am in a position at FOX to defend Louisiana and the football fans there. I've met and talked with a group of people who would like to save the team, but I also know that Tom Benson doesn't want to sell his franchise.

What football fans have to understand out there is that people in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region are upset. Everything is negative for them. They have lost their homes, their businesses and their jobs. Gas prices are sky high, and so many people are unemployed. So many evacuees are looking for work.

Their NFL team has moved out of town. The Saints are practicing in San Antonio, and it scares people because the team is there and Tom Benson is living there. The fans are thinking we want to hold onto this team. So, please give us some time to rebuild our city, our state and our Superdome, and then let us get our team back.

The last game the Saints played at LSU, the stands were empty. But the NFL has to understand that the football fans in Louisiana are in a state of shock at what has happened to them and their city and state. It's a drastic change. This is not your normal way of enjoying the NFL because their team isn't even in their state.

I really encourage the fans to pack Tiger Stadium the next time the Saints are there. We need to show Mr. Benson and the NFL that we really support the Saints and the NFL; that we care about our team and our city.

I think we need two years to see what the city looks like, to revitalize New Orleans and make its downtown more modern. You leave the French Quarter alone, but this is a chance for the state to update the downtown area. Fix it up and make it look like Denver or Pittsburgh or Baltimore or Dallas. We got a chance now to update it. Build it back up and really make it special, and that may make it even more appealing to the NFL.

This is not the time to attack the league or try to threaten Mr. Benson. Nothing could be further from the truth. All I and some of my business friends want is to make New Orleans a viable city again, one that Mr. Benson would be satisfied with, and keep it as a NFL city.

That's what is important. It's not that important for me or any of my friends to own a NFL franchise. A lot depends on the economy of the state. We know that. But right now we need the hotels to get back running. We need the downtown to rebuild and get people back. We need the casinos to open. We need to start building some positives in New Orleans.

LordOfEntropy 11-15-2005 11:10 AM

I think his plea to fill Tiger Stadium will go unfulfilled. That is, unless the Saints start winning some games. Considering how unlikely that is, I foresee more games with empty stadiums.

Euphoria 11-15-2005 11:23 AM

You have to look at it as buisness... I mean after all he is a buisnessman and its basic principals... you offer a good product to the consumer it will sale. You offer crap, hello.

LordOfEntropy 11-15-2005 12:47 PM

True dat.

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