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ssmitty 11-16-2005 05:27 PM

challenge to b&b members: i will donate 50% of sale :
to any member that wins the auction i have going on, (on ebay,) and the other 50% to b& for a total of 100% minus ebay fees. and if you bid over 100.00 and win, i will eat the fees myself..........
the auction is for 2005 rookie cards, sage gold, which are autographed to 250 and feature the following:
1) adrian mcpherson
2) derrick johnson
3) mark clayton
4) demarcus ware
5) aaron rodgers
6) charlie frye
7) matt jones
8)carlos rogers
9) thomas davis
10) andrew walter
11) jason white
12)vernand morency
josh davis, alex smith te, marlin jackson, and jonathan goddard

beckett has these about 300.00 book value and the current bid is at 22.00 with about 13 hrs left.
no guts, no glory, go for it...............
if you are familar with ebay, just go to buy, and type in aaron rodgers name and go down to about 13 hrs left, and you will see the listing........
it's titled, aaron rodgers, matt jones, demarcus ware, adrian mcpherson.........
and the seller is me, smitty 75025.........
i hope to be sending the red cross and halo some money because of you guys.........smitty

LordOfEntropy 11-17-2005 12:45 PM

RE: challenge to b&b members: i will donate 50% of sale
Smitty speaks? JoeSam, WhoDat, and Smitty all appear in the same week... Woah.

I'm wondering if Gator and Subguy are in logging in as I type.

Good thing to do Smitty. Salute.

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