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papz 11-25-2005 12:25 PM

RE: Do we consider
Nah... they have a better record than us. Detriot also likes to spend big money on quality free agents while we seem to stick with the same players year after year. This indicates to me that they are trying to get better while we are hoping to get better. It all starts up top. If Benson wasn't so cheap and willing to invest into his organization, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be in this situation every year.

As for both teams quarterback situation, I believe Harrington and Brooks rank last in the NFL in passer rating. As of right now, they both stink although I'd rather have Brooks starting for my team than Harrington.

lynwood 11-25-2005 12:38 PM

RE: Do we consider
Tell you what, lets just change QB's and see first hand. I'm watching rookies outperform brooks.

CheramieIII 11-25-2005 12:47 PM

RE: Do we consider
Why don't we keep Brooks he would'nt be a back 2nd, he can always play well without pressure. Just kidding. He stinks, AMAC will make a very good 2nd and Bouman needs to help Brooks pack so they can both drive out of town together.

BOB, when Brooks is traded to another team or picked up by another team after being cut, will you become a fan of that team and stop posting this crap? You are the only person on this site that actually still thinks Brooks is the man.

When are you going to learn that you are wrong about Brooks? How old are you dude?

lynwood 11-25-2005 03:03 PM

RE: Do we consider

Euphoria 11-25-2005 04:57 PM

RE: Do we consider
I ask, where is our talent???

Tobias-Reiper 11-25-2005 06:50 PM

... wher does it end???

.. here's some logic for you... which probably is just going to go over...

.. you have a team with a good defense, and good WR's, and a good RB, a decent o-line, and a decent coaching staff...

..if all of those are decent, where's the problem? Special teams? :) Ahhh!!!! the QB...

... and get ready for this because this may just be too far fetched for your understanding...

Have you consider that Jeff Garcia isn't really any better than Joey Harrington???

.. I didn't think so...

... this is Garcia's 3rd team... he wasn't that good in SF, sucked big time in Cleveland.. he just may be doing more of the same in Detroit...

Tobias-Reiper 11-26-2005 12:00 AM

Re: RE: Do we consider

Originally Posted by BlackonBlack

..if all of those are decent, where's the problem? Special teams? Ahhh!!!! the QB...

Who is saying that these parts are decent? you???!

From yesterday's ESPN Alert Marricuci was to be fired today, or at least very soon. They have a above average defense, good OL and a lot of name players at the skill positions. But if you don't have the right leadership in charge of the team they will underachieve.

A well coach team, will beat a more talented team more-so than not. New England has been proving that the past 4 years now...Are haven't you noticed???! why don't you stop spouting off at the nuttz and actually pay attention you probably would learn something from me.

... you are amusing, no doubt...
.. you ask me "who's saying those parts are decent, you???", as if my opinion is not valid just because it is my opinion, then you follow up by " They have a above average defense, good OL and a lot of name players at the skill positions."... wow... again, I'd strongly advise you to read what you type before you hit the submit button... nothing kills and argument faster than making no sense.

...coaches can draw many many plays (well, except if you are a Saints coach).. it falls on the players to execute too, you know??? so now the question of leadership comes up... do you really want to go that route, being that the QB is suppossed to be the leader of the football team??

... I'd advise you to stop now trying so desperately to draw comparisons to other teams in a vain attempt to prove.. well, I have no idea anymore what you are thrying to prove.. you are only wasting your time, and in the end you prove everyone right and yourself wrong, even if you don't want to accept it. Granted, it does amuse the rest of the forum, but I think that, at one point, you have to come to the realization that you are just not making any sense...

saintswhodi 11-26-2005 08:50 AM

I thought Halo put an end to this nonsense. :roll:

Euphoria 11-26-2005 09:57 AM

ON PAPER we SUCK... this on paper crap is just that crap. If you have talent they you would see it. Ya don't see talent out there you see average players playing a average game throw in a few mistakes from anywheres an you have a big fat L. Talent ha hum bug. Deuce is done, he has no speed and injury prone. Not one of these guys is pro-bowl material NOT ONE... J Brown still waiting to see he has shown promise but everyoone else please keep fooling yourselves.

spkb25 11-26-2005 12:20 PM

we stink and you are right for the most part euph. if you have talent you win. we stink and so does our coach. we need to clean house

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