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AWWWWW...Poor wittle SC's wont get their wittle Weinhart....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; In a Darth Vader's voice..."The Gambler, 'breath, breath', Gumbo BC was your father, 'breath, breath'"........

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In a Darth Vader's voice..."The Gambler, 'breath, breath', Gumbo BC was your father, 'breath, breath'".....
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I have a dream where I can come to a Saints board, free of namecalling and backhanded comments. A place where people throw their opinions out, but DON'T feel the need to push it on everyone else.

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Can't we just get along! Hey everyone isl entitled to their opinion and I won't call names anymore I promise. Well, unless you say something so stupid that someone calls you stupid first, then I will be glad to chime in.
I am also one of those who thinks it best that we lose and that's my opinion and I'm stickin to it.
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In the immortal words of Aerosmth, my good man......Dream On......but I'm dreaming with you. Why do you think I've been away for so long? And I thought Billy Carpenter was banned? LOL
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Where you been, and why would you dig up this dinosaur? lol
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I'm pulling for the Saints to win every game, but the way this season has progressed, I'm definitely not as upset at this point in the season when they lose. With every win they win the remainder of the season, all it does is trick people into thinking they're better that they are at the expense of dropping our draft position. As for Leinert, I wouldn't want him if we have the 1st pick anyway - that pick should be spent on Reggie Bush. Then (hopefully) in the 2nd round we could get Jay Cutler. AB has had his chance for 5 seasons, and wether it's all his fault or not, the only thing this offense has done consistently with him at the helm is be mediocre. Let him get a fresh start somewhere else (hopefully with the coaching staff).
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Originally Posted by BlackandBlue

Dead Thread Alert ..............

That's all folks ..........
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