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newshound 12-02-2005 10:30 AM

Congrats BandG & web fans expose truth-BENSON TICKET SCA
I was following this on here and saintsrepor, but I have to admit it's amazing how when a story breaks at blackandgold then every once in a while it somehow makes the papers the next morning. I read this and my jaw dropped :awe:

I knew I read this on bandg the day before.

Congratz to, saintsreport, save our saints.. all of you do a great job of keeping people informed and acting as sources and not the party line BS at And please buy a ribbon from them (banner to your right). And buy some tickets to the game in BR even if you don't go. We need the "butts in the seats"... err bleachers I guess in Tiger Stadium.

I know we all have known about this round about, but yesterday I read this on the front page of written by Saintsdoogle:


San Antonio ticket discount confirmed? - League releases statement on meeting

Within the Saints fan base in Louisiana, there has been much discussion surrounding rumored ticket discounts for the final Saints game in San Antonio, while no such discounts have been extended to games in Baton Rouge (or to prior Saints games on Christmas Eve).

Perhaps that rumor has been confirmed.

The folks on the message boards at have apparently obtained this flyer
that may prove the discount exists.

reported earlier in my blog...

San Antonio ticket discount?

Rumors are swirling that tickets to the final Saints game in San Antonio against the Lions will be discounted, some half price. No such discount is being offered for Saints games in Baton Rouge, to my knowledge. If this is true, is Tom Benson trying to control attendance in Baton Rouge and San Antonio to his advantage?

True, the game against the Lions is set for Christmas Eve, but previous seasons have included games at the Superdome near holidays and, to my knowledge, no such discount has been extended.

As Matt Drudge would say, "Developing..."

If this flyer is real, it would be yet another slap in the face of Saints fans in Louisiana by Tom Benson. Merry Christmas!


ONE DAY LATER (TODAY!)... in the Times Picayune I read ths...

Saints' ticket policies under fire

Fans claim they're slanted to give San Antonio sales edge over B.R.
Friday, December 02, 2005
By Jeff Duncan
Staff writer

This is the best part


The Saints recently launched a plan offering discounted tickets in the lower corner end zones for the team's Dec. 24 game against Detroit at the Alamodome in San Antonio. The tickets, in seat locations that are traditionally difficult to sell, have been reduced from $70 to $35 each.

The Saints also have discounted end zone tickets for their remaining home games in Baton Rouge -- Sunday against Tampa Bay and Dec. 18 against Carolina -- with those tickets cut from $55 to $25.

But several Saints season-ticket holders said the difference is in the details. A 20-ticket minimum is required to get the discount for games in Baton Rouge, meaning a total payment of at least $500. The fans said they were able to purchase single discounted tickets for $35 to the game in San Antonio. The fans said they were told by team ticket agents there was no minimum requirement necessary to get the half-price rate for the Dec. 24 game in San Antonio.
Amazing how that happens and I've seen it before. Great job here halo and everyone on this board and writers and everyone. I really think this site and others keep fans and media informed and put people in the seats of the games.

Again Congratz!

Euphoria 12-02-2005 11:44 AM

RE: Congrats BandG & web fans expose truth-BENSON TICKET
I am also getting curious why is the Christmas Eve game in San Antonio? Is there a bowl game going on in Tiger Staduim then? Why should San Antonio get a holiday seson game... when more people are likely to be free to go to the games having not much else to do but see a game with family and friends visiting...

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