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Coaches on the hot seat,

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; unless you have a strong drink in hand I wouldn't suggest looking to see what they say, Which NFL coaches are on the hot seat? Story Tools: Print Email XML Adam Schein / Special to FOXSports.com Posted: 1 day ago ...

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Coaches on the hot seat,

unless you have a strong drink in hand I wouldn't suggest looking to see what they say,

Which NFL coaches are on the hot seat?
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Adam Schein / Special to FOXSports.com
Posted: 1 day ago

If they can play holiday music at your local coffeehouse, then it certainly is not too early to talk about coaching changes for 2006.

The Lions' Steve Mariucci got fired this week, and he'll be the first of many NFL head coaches to get the ax.
Here's a rundown of who's on the hot seat and the likelihood they are going to Kinko's at the end of the season.

Dick Jauron, Lions
Odds he'll be back next season: 1,000-1

His status: Literally interim after replacing the fallen Mariucci. Two days after team president Matt Millen ripped Mooch for not developing his young players, Jauron named 85-year-old Jeff Garcia as his quarterback.

How he can save his job: He can't, unless he can find the same incriminating pictures of the Ford family that Millen is using to keep his job.

A miserable season got even worse last week for Texans coach Dom Capers when his team coughed up a big lead late against St. Louis. (Doug Benc / Getty Images)

Dom Capers, Texans
Odds he'll be back next season: 500-1

His status: In talking to Capers on Wednesday, he called the loss to the Rams this past week the worst loss in the 20 years he has been in the NFL. That's saying something considering his team is 1-10. The Texans have been the awful combination of being both horrible and unlucky. The offensive line is a disaster. Quarterback David Carr hasn't taken the next step. Receiver Andre Johnson has been hurt, and consequently ineffective. The defense can't make a stop. Owner Bob McNair expected at least eight wins this year, and he has stated a decision will be made after the season.

How he can save his job: Hope the public relations staff is too hung over after New Year's Eve to call a press conference on Monday, Jan. 2.

Mike Martz/Joe Vitt, Rams
Odds Martz will be back next season (Vitt has no chance): 100-1

His status: Supposedly sick and getting better, Martz had a miraculous recovery coincidentally when pet project Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for more than 300 yards in his debut. Martz's agent has since said there was a miscommunication. But Martz has a carefree style of coaching, and has clashed with management and players in his tenure. With one year left on his deal, management will have to fire him or give him an extension before next year.

How he can save his job: Perhaps suck up to anyone in the hierarchy he hasn't offended. There is going to be relief in St. Louis among the players, coaches, and fans when this mess ends.

Mike Sherman, Packers
Odds he'll be back next season: 75-1

His status: While the two-win Packers have been ravaged with key injuries, this team, mostly built by Sherman, was destined to fail after years of poor drafts and free-agency decisions. The Packers have looked ineffective and sloppy all season long. There isn't much NFL talent on the team right now. New general manager Ted Thompson foolishly gave Sherman a new contract extension at the beginning of the season, but leaked to the public that the organization wouldn't have any trouble financially eating the deal. The Packers have some of the greatest fans in the league and they won't stand for continuous losing.

How he can save his job: If the team decides it won't absorb the money from the freshly minted agreement. That, or Brett Favre ties his future squarely on the status of Sherman, which from a public relations perspective could be a nightmare. I still don't think that prevents his dismissal

All the screaming in the world won't save Norv Turner's job in Oakland. (Dino Vournas / Associated Press)

Norv Turner, Raiders
Odds he'll be back next season: 75-1

His status: Turner's an offensive guru and the team cannot score points consistently. Kerry Collins has regressed. Randy Moss has been injured and ineffective. There are way too many penalties on offense and defense. Precedent says owner Al Davis won't sit back. And he shouldn't. Turner is an offensive coordinator and not a head coach.

How he can save his job: If this offense were to click down the stretch and beat the Broncos and Mike Shanahan in Denver. But it won't happen.

Mike Tice, Vikings
Odds he'll be back next season: 60-1

His status: Well, the team is on a four-game winning streak and above .500 for the first time all season. However, the boat cruise, the ticket scalping, the grotesque play early in the season, plus the poor game management in prior years will likely push new owner Zygi Wilf over the top. Also important, Tice's contract expires.

How he can save his job: I don't even think an appearance in the playoffs saves Tice. (And for the record, I don't think they are going to the playoffs.) Wilf bought this team to structure it his way. Tice represents too much negativity.

Brian Billick, Ravens
Odds he'll be back next season: 30-1

His status: Stubbornly hitched his wagon to Kyle Boller, while not wanting a legit backup to create competition. The offensive genius has not produced an offense despite adding significant parts this winter like receivers Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton. Baltimore has spiraled out of control this year with penalties and lack of discipline and is painful to watch.

How he can save his job: By playing up his overall record. Billick's done a great job in total with the Ravens, including a Super Bowl crown, but it can most certainly be argued that his shelf life is up. Also, perhaps new owner Steve Bisciotti and general manager Ozzie Newsome will be sympathetic toward the volume of injuries to stars such as Ed Reed and Ray Lewis.

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Dick Vermeil, Chiefs
Odds he'll be back next season: 5-1

His status: The Chiefs are likely to fall just short of the playoffs with the most difficult schedule of any contending team down the stretch. Vermeil says he is going to make up his mind about retirement at the end of the year.

How he can save his job: Vermeil proclaims he will stay if the team is headed in the right direction. I might be in the minority here, but I think he loves it too much and will be back.

Jim Haslett, Saints
Odds he'll be back next season: 3-1

His status: The Saints are one of the worst teams in the NFL, but when it's a Tuesday and you genuinely don't know the location of your practice on Thursday, it is tough to ultimately fault the coach. Whatever you thought about Haslett as a leader the last few years, and you are probably right, you cannot add more chaos to this in-flux situation.

How he can save his job: The Saints decide they just can't fire Haslett post-Katrina.

Herman Edwards, Jets
Odds he'll be back next season: 2-1

His status: He got a recent contract extension, and is still a favorite of owner Woody Johnson. However, the Jets are rough on the eyes every Sunday. This two-win team has been destroyed by injuries and has also underachieved. Edwards has flirted with the Chiefs job, and a few weeks back in a press conference, rambled on about how his job was to make things better for the next coach. He's also fired over half of his original staff.

How he can save his job: Stop flirting with other jobs. And a little bit of Herm emotion would be a good thing. Edwards, right or wrong, will likely get 2006 with the Jets. Unless Johnson pulls the plug on the entire football department.

Mike Mularkey, Bills
Odds he'll be back next season: Even money

His status: Owner Ralph Wilson just gave Mularkey his approval despite the team's 4-7 record and lack of wins on the road.

How he can save his job: Keep developing quarterback JP Losman, play with toughness, and don't go on a major slide down the stretch of the season.

Joe Gibbs, Redskins
Odds he'll be back next season: 1-3

His status: Gibbs has three more years left on his deal, but you wonder if the 'Skins continue to stumble down the stretch if he will ponder retirement/auto racing.

How he can save his job: This is solely up to Gibbs, and I do believe he coaches the team in 2006. But it would be nice for Redskins fans if he could lock Mr. Snyder in a closet somewhere in Redskin Park.
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